How Evergreen Stands Out from the Rest

how evergreen stands out from the rest 2

There’s no denying that the restaurant industry has a lot of choices when it comes to software. But there’s a reason why over 4,500 bars and restaurants trust Evergreen.

Here at Evergreen, we arm restaurants and bars with the digital tools they need to be successful. From hassle-free integrations to time-saving automation, we simplify tedious processes and keep your restaurant or bar up to date with the features your patrons expect.

Since most people are already familiar with our digital menu software creation tools, we wanted to take some time to talk about the other features that really set us apart.

Evergreen’s Unique Restaurant Software Features

The following six features are unique to Evergreen, and they’re part of our mission to help restaurants and bars save time and strengthen their connection with customers.

  • Contactless Menus: For a safe and sustainable solution to print menus, we offer touchless QR menus that allow your customers to safely scan and view your menus from their mobile phones. We originally developed this as an answer to the sanitary challenges during COVID-19. But our customers have found that contactless menus have saved them so much time and money that they’re never going back to printed menus!
  • POS Integration: With us, there’s no need to manually update menu items in your POS. Our menu software allows you to link your POS directly with your Evergreen menu. This way, you spend less time duplicating tasks and more time managing your business. When you add or delete an item in Evergreen, it’s removed from your POS as well. (We currently integrate with Square, Lavu, and Clover POS software. In fact, Evergreen is the only software to offer a push-only integration with Square).
  • Google Integration: Simply connect your Google My Business page with Evergreen via our dashboard, and your menu immediately integrates with Google. When you make updates or changes to your menu, Evergreen automatically updates your Google menu, too, so you never have to worry about doing it manually. This ensures your menus show up accurately when people search for you online.
  • Social Inbox: With our social inbox, you can manage and monitor all your social updates in one place. Easily reply to comments and mentions and get updates on tags and hashtags. You can even monitor and respond to Facebook, Google, and Yelp reviews without ever leaving the Evergreen dashboard. This is a useful feature to help level-up your restaurant social media strategy.
  • Post Scheduler: Evergreen’s restaurant software lets you do more than just monitor social posts. With our post scheduler tool, you can post or schedule social media posts straight from the dashboard. We also offer suggested posts to make social media as easy as possible. This keeps you from having to go to each social media platform individually or mess with another social media management platform. Instead, you can engage with your customers on social media straight from the Evergreen dashboard.
  • Custom Lists: Many restaurant menu software solutions have set menu item types. With custom lists, you can add any kind of item to your menu. From food and cocktails to merchandise and cigars, no item is off-limits with our digital menu software.

Evergreen’s Restaurant Software

Anytime you need to update a menu item, you only need to make that update one time from the  Evergreen dashboard. We update it everywhere else for you automatically. From your menu on Google to your contactless menu to your POS and more – Evergreen’s digital menu software ensures you don’t waste time doing the same thing twice.

Additionally, our commitment to keeping you on-trend is evident with our frequent release of new features and integrations, like contactless menus and our host of social media tools, including our scheduler and inbox. When you choose Evergreen as your restaurant software provider, you’re choosing a partner who genuinely cares about your success.

Learn more about our software and how we compare to the competitors with a free demo.