Whether you’re a brewery, cocktail bar or burger joint, your customers will love your eye-catching digital menu. You and your staff will love how easy it is to customize and update.


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Quick & Easy Menu Updates

Intuitive layouts and options make it easy for you and your staff to design and edit your digital board. No lengthy trainings needed! Edit menu items from any phone, tablet or computer.

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Hands down one of the easiest, most thought out services I’ve come across. Menus are all intuitive. Help screens are actually helpful and the Evergreen team makes sure my staff knows exactly how to use the service.

Rob Logic, Owner

design options

Eye-catching, flexible designs

Your menu should be as unique as your business. Create the perfect digital menu board with:

Thousands of searchable, high-quality images

Multiple columns and display options

Hundreds of fonts and colors

Flexible pricing and categorization options

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I LOVE the unique look of Evergreen’s digital menus! They’re a big step up from menus that look like every other bar’s.

Bryan Daniels, Co-founder

A New Way to Engage & Upsell Customers

Increase sales and build your fan base. Use your digital board to:

Advertise happy hours and specials

Announce upcoming events

Promote high-margin items and merchandise

Display positive reviews (and get more of them!)

Share Instagram posts and build your social presence

taphunter digital drink menu promotions

Pizza Man

Being able to add promotions to the Digital Beer menu has made it much easier for us to advertise our weekly specials. I put up beautiful pictures of every special as well as the menu itself on the board. It is a great way for the customers to know what we have on special.

Michael Kaplan, General Manager

Quick, Guided Setup

You supply the TVs, we supply the rest. We’ll send you a small wireless device that connects to your TV(s) via HDMI. Our team will schedule a call to answer questions and show you how to design and set up your menu. From there, you can update your menu in seconds from anywhere with any device.




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