Opening­­­ and Closing Procedures for Bars and Restaurants

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While many consider the most important aspect of a bar to be the drinks, there are a variety of other factors that go into managing an F&B outlet. Coming up with processes and procedures to

6 Craft Beer Events that will Draw a Crowd [WEBINAR]

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Whether you’re a burger joint, pizza shop or corner bar, chances are great that your customers include a lot of craft beer lovers. Once an underground trend, craft beer has entered the mainstream and is

Your Bar vs Netflix: How Bars and Restaurants Can Attract More Millennials [WEBINAR]

how bars and restaurants can appeal to millennials in the age of netflix
It’s no secret that the Millennial generation has a particular liking for hanging out on the couch and binge-watching popular shows on Netflix. Given the high-quality, inexpensive programming that’s available 24/7 these days, we don’t

Tips to Improve Your Bar’s Instagram Account [WEBINAR]

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If your bar doesn’t have an Instagram account (or if you have one but never post), we strongly suggest you change that. There are over 70 million photos and videos shared daily and 300 million

Valentine’s Day Promotions for Bars [WEBINAR]

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Love it or love to hate it, Valentine’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to generate sales and attract new customers to your bar or restaurant. Valentine’s Day promotions are key to capitalizing on this sales

25 Bar Opening and Closing Procedures [WEBINAR & CHECKLIST]

First impressions are important. Whether it’s your handshake or your entryway, what guests see first frames their opinion of you and your business. Creating and implementing a solid opening and closing procedure will ensure that your

5 Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation and Handle Your Reviews [WEBINAR]

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Today’s consumers use reviews to determine whether or not to visit your business. And who can blame them? People like to know what they are getting into –“know before you go,” as they say. And

Bar Event Ideas in 2018 [WEBINAR]

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Events are a great way to draw customers to your bar, whether on a slow weeknight or a huge holiday weekend. But with all the hustle and bustle that comes with running a successful bar

How to Start a Successful Bar or Restaurant in 2018 [WEBINAR]

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Starting a successful bar or restaurant requires a ton of planning, strategy, and hard work, but if you’re passionate about it and willing to do what it takes, then it can be a massively rewarding

5 Quick Tips for Menu Design [INFOGRAPHIC & WEBINAR]

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From layout to fonts–how well are your menus selling your drinks and your business? Your menus are often the first impression a guest has of your bar or restaurant. From visiting your website, to walking

Holiday Marketing Tips for Bars and Restaurants [WEBINAR]

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The holiday season offers boundless opportunities for local businesses to bring in new customers, increase sales and create momentum for the new year. As Q4 rolls in, bars and restaurants should capitalize on the increased foot

5 Cost-Saving Tips That Will Make Your Inventory Management Less Painful [WEBINAR]

Inventory is never a fun task for any business owner, and the good news is it is slowly becoming a science. Struggling with a clipboard in a musty storage room is a thing of the

Tips for Better Beer Sales [WEBINAR]

Beer’s resurgence in popularity due to the craft beer movement has made it a profitable source of income for many bars and restaurants. With a few key tricks up your sleeve, you can dramatically increase

How to Start a Great Craft Beer Bar! [WEBINAR]

“Whether it’s a brewery or a great beer bar…it’s a craft. Everyone knows you have to work at honing your craft which means a commitment to excellence in all phases of the operation.” -Tomme Arthur,

Top 5 Bar & Restaurant Trends of 2016 [WEBINAR]

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2016 is shaping up to be the year of the Customer Experience. The upcoming year will combine the best of old and new to share more information, create more choices, and inspire a greater sense