How Bars and Restaurants Can Appeal to Millennials in the Age of Netflix

How Bars and Restaurants Can Appeal to Millennials in the Age of Netflix

It’s no secret that the Millennial generation has a particular liking for hanging out on the couch and binge-watching entire seasons of popular shows on Netflix – and given the high quality, inexpensive programming that’s available 24/7 these days we don’t blame them. This does create a difficult situation for bar and restaurant owners, how to get young people to leave their couch and come out for a drink. Let’s explore how bars and restaurants can appeal to millennials in the age of Netflix.

How Bars and Restaurants Can Appeal to Millennials in the Age of Netflix

– Drive FOMO With Unique Experiences
– Create Beverage Options They Can’t Make at Home
– Offer Off-Premise Options


Drive FOMO With Unique Experiences

More and more young people are spending their time and money on experiences over possessions, and clever bar and restaurant owners can use this to their advantage. One great way to bring in more millennial customers is to create unique experiences that will bring people in due to their fear of missing out (FOMO).

There’s no shortage of ideas out there for events and creative happy hours, including tasting events, live trivia, and themed nights (like a 90’s hip hop night for instance). If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our webinar on the 18 Best Ways to Put Entertainment on Tap in 2018.

Spicing things up and offering an experience that’s more fun than anything someone can do alone on their computer is a sure fire way to turn a slow weeknight into a unique experience that draws a crowd.

Create Beverage Options They Can’t Make at Home

Another great way to detach a millennial from a Netflix-binge and get them to visit your business is by offering unique and enticing beverage options that they can’t (or won’t take the time to) make at home. Consider creating a cocktail program, or if you already have one think about how you can step up your mixology game to the next level.

Make sure to post pictures of your beautiful cocktail creations on Instagram and other social media outlets that millennials are likely scanning while sitting on the couch. Sometimes all it takes to drive in another customer is catching their eye with a great looking beverage that they’re too lazy to whip up themselves.


Offer Off-Premise Options

One final way to pry young people away from the comfort of their streaming services is to offer off-premise food and beverage options. If people know that they can make a to-go order, they might be more likely to visit your establishment on nights that they might otherwise find another option. If you want to go above and beyond, you can also offer delivery options through one of the many food delivery services available today, like Eat24 or Postmates, so your customers don’t even have to get up off the couch in the first place.

In the age of streaming entertainment always being available it might seem difficult to convince anyone to leave their house anymore, but by offering unique and exciting options you can still motivate even the laziest of Netflix-bingers to come and visit your business.