Four Ways to Leverage Your Restaurant Social Media Content

Social media is now a critical component of marketing, especially in the F&B industry. Both businesses and consumers create abundant amount of content in this space. To stand out amongst your competitors, be strategic in

Why You Should Get Customer Feedback for Your Restaurant

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Customer feedback is a great way to stay on top of the overall pulse of your restaurant. Knowing whether your customers are satisfied or if there are areas in which you can improve can be

Kick off 2022 with Restaurant Software You Can Trust

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2022 is in full swing and it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate strategies and goals for the new year. With the world continuing to lean toward digital enhancements, it’s critical for restauranteurs to ensure their

5 Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation and Handle Your Reviews [WEBINAR]

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Today’s consumers use reviews to determine whether or not to visit your business. And who can blame them? People like to know what they are getting into –“know before you go,” as they say. And

How to Get More Online Reviews for Your Business

how to get more online reviews for your business
Love them or hate them, online reviews are here to stay. While some business owners would rather completely remove all of their online reviews, this isn’t an option. Instead of only focusing on the negatives,

How to Respond: A Guide to Reviews for Bars & Restaurants

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Online reviews are part of being a bar or restaurant owner today. No way around it. While you may not exactly love Yelp, there are clear benefits to review sites. Happy customers provide “social proof”

How to Solicit Customer Feedback

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Customer testimonials are a powerful marketing tool for businesses, and with so many ways to offer opinions online today, it’s a more powerful tool than ever. So, why should you care about testimonials and how

Dealing With Difficult Customers

As a bar owner, dealing with difficult customers is a fact of life. It can be an unpleasant experience whether you’re prepared for it, or not. However, with a bit of planning and staff training,

Ways for Bar Owners to Give Back During the Holidays

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During the holidays, one way to maximize your sales and attract a larger customer base is to have a charitable spirit. Whether you choose to volunteer with your staff, or hold an event in your