Kick off 2022 with Restaurant Software You Can Trust

digital menu board design

2022 is in full swing and it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate strategies and goals for the new year. With the world continuing to lean toward digital enhancements, it’s critical for restauranteurs to ensure their infrastructure is digital savvy. That’s where our easy-to-use software come in.

Evergreen was built from the ground up to meet the real-world needs of busy owners and managers. With Evergreen, you can manage all your operations and marketing objectives from a single dashboard. From menus to social media, Evergreen’s dashboard makes running a bar or restaurant easier. We want you to spend more time with your customers, not your computer.

Here are a few ways to start the year off right with Evergreen.


Whether you use a digital menu or a printed one, we’ve got you covered. Digital menus are a huge hit for consumers, and they’re just as easy to manage on the back end. Intuitive layouts and options make it easy for you and your staff to design and edit your digital menu board. No lengthy trainings needed! Edit menu items from any phone, tablet, or computer.

The variety of layouts and designs give each restaurant, bar, or brewery the ability to customize the menu to each’s unique brand. Plus, the option for real-time updating means you can push specific specials, advertise upcoming events, promote high-margin items and merch, display positive reviews, and/or share social media content.


We can also help create simple, powerful menus that live on your website. The integration process is as simple as having our team add one line of code to your site. That’s it! Your customized menu will automatically update every time you edit your menu from the Evergreen dashboard, freeing you up to focus on more pressing task!

Your website menu will match the look and feel of your current website, and, like your digital menus, you’re in full control of what to display. Your online menu will also be SEO-optimized and responsive. Our developers have made sure your menu will look great at any size, whether it’s being viewed on a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Our format also makes it easier for search engines to find your drink list and other menus, leading to better positioning in search results.


We can help you easily update your printed menus, too. Evergreen allows you to create beautiful print menus and update them in seconds. Our database of 300,000+ beers, wines, and spirits fill in the details. Evergreen lets you not only create amazing print menus but also update them quickly and easily. Whether you’re swapping out 10 taps, adding a single wine, or altering a food special, our tool updates automatically, so you can just click print.

On the marketing side, it’s critical to consistently be building your brand, increasing your following, and attracting more customers. That’s where social media and reputation management come in. It’s a lot of work to create a winning restaurant social media strategy. Once you develop a plan, you then have to juggle lots of platforms, interactions, and the ongoing process of content creation.


Luckily, we’ve developed and seamlessly integrated social media management tools into your restaurant dashboard. You can both schedule content and engage with your audience through our platform. From analytics to content suggestions and post reminders, the tools help you craft great posts and share content more often.

Customers want to be seen and heard. We made the process simple. You can manage your reputation by integrating sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google into a single inbox to monitor and respond to reviews. Want to display social posts or reviews on your digital menu? Doing so is just a few clicks away!


We know there are a lot of options when it comes to restaurant software. At Evergreen, our commitment to keeping you on-trend is evident with our frequent release of new features and integrations, like contactless menus and our host of social media tools, including our scheduler and inbox. When you choose Evergreen as your restaurant software provider, you’re choosing a partner who genuinely cares about your success.

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