How to Get More Online Reviews for Your Business

How to Get More Online Reviews for Your Business

Love them or hate them, online reviews are here to stay. While some business owners would rather completely remove all of their online reviews, this isn’t an option. Instead of only focusing on the negatives, you should do everything you can to get more positive reviews for your business, and that means providing great service and seeking more online reviews in general. Let’s break down how to get more online reviews for your business.

Link to Review Sites on Your Website

One easy way to increase the amount of reviews you receive is linking to review sites on your website. This will encourage your website visitors to see your online reviews, and it will keep this top of mind when they come in to visit you. Of course, if you’re trying to improve your online reputation, you may want to wait to do this until you can secure some more positive reviews first, but it’s a good way to boost awareness of your online review presence.


Encourage Reviews With On-Premise Signage

You can encourage more of your customers to leave you reviews by promoting your online reviews on digital signage within your establishment (or with old school chalkboards, whatever signage you have really). 

This can take a few different forms depending on what you’re comfortable with. For instance, if you have a chalkboard it could be as simple as writing in your social media account names and including a Yelp logo or encouraging for customers to leave you a review. If you want to take it further, you can display your top reviews on a digital display, which not only reminds people to leave you a review, but also provides the extra incentive of being featured up on the big screen. Evergreen’s digital menu boards allow you to automatically display positive reviews from Yelp, for instance.

Reply to the Reviews You Receive

It’s always encouraged to reply to the reviews you receive, whether they are positive or negative. This shows that you are an engaged business owner or manager, and it makes it clear that you care about providing a positive customer experience. If you’re looking for advice in this area, check out our blog post on how to respond to online reviews.

Stay Active on Social Media

Another way to build up more online reviews is staying active on social media. The more you grow your audience and engage with them online, the more you will build stronger online connections with your customers. This will result in more of them being advocates for your business online, including leaving you more online reviews.

If you put these tips into practice you are much more likely to increase the number of online reviews that you receive, and if you provide a great customer experience it’s very likely that most of those reviews will be positive. Even if you do receive some negatives, responding to those reviews and being dedicated to improving bad experiences will turn some negative reviews into positives, and you’ll be well on your way to having a great online reputation.