Follow Your Customers’ Desire Lines (Figure out what your customers want to drink)

follow your customers’ desire lines (figure out what your customers want to drink)

If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘desire lines’, here is a simple explanation. Imagine a real estate developer getting ready to place sidewalks on a new property. Rather than pave the way according to the drawings, he waits until he can see the paths that people using the property will naturally create in the grass.  Why cut a path only to have users of this path create their own?  This is a desire line.

As the owner of a bar, the last thing you need to be doing is constantly swimming upstream to bring customers to you. You want the stream flowing right through the front door. An easy way to accomplish this is offering the thirsty masses what they desire. With over 4,000 craft breweries cranking out new beer daily, how do you know what to put on tap so that it aligns with the fickle taste buds of your patrons?

If you have TapHunter, you can look at the data on which beers you are being found by. In other words, your most popular options. Choose the top 2 or 3 on the list and tap away. Variety is important, but there’s no reason not to keep a crowd pleaser in the regular rotation. And to make the process of getting the word out simpler, when you update your beer list on TapHunter, your social media feeds are automatically updated to show you’ve got the local favorite back on draft.

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Given the speed with which the craft brewing industry is moving, you can’t afford not to be serving what your customer’s want. They’ll just find it somewhere else. But given the small amount of time you’ve got for figuring out what beer to put on tap next, changing kegs and updating everything from your social media accounts to print and digital drink menus, without adding in some efficiency this might be pretty tough. With TapHunter, you can take care of this all in one place.