Customer Loyalty: Keep Your Customers Happy and Coming Back for More

Customer loyalty is very important for any bar or restaurant. Read through these 5 quick tips to ensure you are doing all you can to keep your customers happy and coming back for more!


1. Greet, but also take the time to Meet

If you recognize a customer who has come in more than once or twice, stop by to say hello! Strike up a conversation, ask them their name, and thank them for choosing your business. Forming personal relationships with your customers builds ties to your community, and makes customers feel welcome at your business. Don’t you love going to your favorite watering holes where you feel “at home?”


2. Consistency

Your customers like to know what to expect. They want to know that their favorite beer or cocktail is available for their drinking pleasure. And customers would rather know before they go, often looking up beverage menus online before deciding to visit an establishment. Offer customers access to your current tap list by keeping your online menu up to date across multiple social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Beverage management and marketing tools like those offered by TapHunter allow you to do this. TapHunter’s marketing tools also allow you to monitor statistics which show the beers your loyal customers enjoy drinking at your bar. These valuable metrics help bar owners make more informed buying decisions by choosing brews that are popular among loyal customers.


3. Engage on Social Media

Maintain an online presence, and make sure to interact with your customers to build a loyal following, whether you’re using Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, or another social media platform. Follow your regulars and respond to comments and questions about your bar/restaurant as they come up. You can also use your social media platform(s) to make your customers feel valued, and up-to-date with what’s new at your business. Social media management tools like those offered by TapHunter allow you to quickly and easily alert your fans on social media when you tap a new beer or feature a local brewery.


4. Great Service

Service is one of the most influential parts of a customer’s experience at a bar/restaurant. If you have recurring customers, it’s likely you are serving with a smile, and maybe an unforgettable quip or two. Service is everything. Your customers made the choice to come out to your spot for a drink, so treat them accordingly. Make sure your bartenders/servers are knowledgeable about the current tap list, and about the beer/cocktails they are serving to your customers. Customers want a quality experience, which starts with a friendly, well-informed server. Servers can keep updated on your establishment’s offerings using the same beverage management tool you do (TapHunter even has a mobile app to make it super easy for servers and bartenders to access). And when your staff knows what they’re talking about, and provide superior, friendly service, you’ll find yourself with a loyal customer base.


5. Deals and Discounts

Regular customers deserve to be treated for their loyalty. They could pick from multiple other watering holes to get their buzz on, but, they have chosen yours, again and again, and probably for good reason–they like your business. Show your loyal customers your appreciation by giving them deals. Send out some coupons, pass out some freebies. Whether you send a coupon in the mail or via email, sending regulars a deal for their birthdays, anniversaries, or other milestone shows that you care, and like to see them in your establishment.