Cocktails To Go? Best Practices for Making the Most of It

cocktails to go best practices for making the most of it

Restaurants and bars across many states are now able to offer cocktails to go. If you sell alcohol, this could be the lifeline your business needs right now. How can you make the most of it?

Let’s look at some of our best tips to help you take advantage of this new era of cocktails to go.

Be Sure to Know the Specific Laws

A total of thirty-four states have adapted their alcohol to go laws since the COVID pandemic started. Be sure to review the specific regulations in your state regarding on-demand liquor sales.

And remember to check back on those laws frequently. As the virus changes, regulators are modifying the rules in tandem. Make sure that you keep your eye on what’s happening in your area.

Once you have a handle on what’s legal, how do you increase your to-go alcohol sales to make sure the time and monetary investment are worth it?

Staying Competitive: Tips for Increasing Sales of Your Cocktails To Go

Bars and restaurants are developing unique strategies to get ahead. Some are even thriving. Here are six of the best tips for increasing your on-demand alcohol sales:

  1. Make Sure Your Customers Know – Whether you’ve just started offering cocktails to go or you’ve been offering them for a while, it’s crucial to let your customers know. Be sure to post on social media, send out email newsletters, and even shoot a text or call some of your most loyal customers.
  2. Develop Creative Cocktail Menus – Take time to plan out a creative cocktail menu. Imaginative names, unique blends, and exciting mixes could be the difference-maker between a customer choosing your establishment or the one down the road. You might even consider doing a weekly, one-day-only cocktail to entice customers to order their to-go alcohol from you.
  3. Provide Discounts – Just because physical happy hours are off the table doesn’t mean your customers don’t want discounts. Consider virtual happy hours or other promotions to encourage your patrons to order some cocktails to go.
  4. Promote Your Safety Protocols – Let your customers know what safety measures you’re taking to make sure their drinks are prepared safely. Don’t make customers dig for this information, either. Display it on your menus, website, social media pages, and anywhere else patrons might check you out before deciding to order alcohol to go.
  5. Have a Beautiful Online, Mobile-Friendly Menu – Online, mobile-friendly menus are more important than ever. Be sure to create a beautiful online menu so your customers can easily peruse their options from their phone or computer.
  6. Provide a Contactless Menu – It’s also essential to provide a contactless menu option for patrons who prefer to come to your establishment before ordering. Contactless menus allow your customers to see all you have to offer from a safe distance.

On top of the tips above, remember that customer service always wins. Even in these strange times, it’s important to find ways to make your customers feel valued. Don’t drop the ball on customer service or showing your patrons what your business is all about.

Take your cocktails to go sales to the next level with compelling and responsive menus. If you don’t have a contactless menu or online menu yet, we offer completely free demos of both!

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