4 Ways to Improve Your Bar’s Twitter Experience

Social media can be overwhelming with the ever-increasing number of platforms available, the multitude of best practices on how to use them and most importantly, finding the time to cultivate each one of them. While Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and the like all have their place in the marketing plans for your bar, today we’ll look at Twitter alone to give you some food for thought on honing your strategy on a single platform.

The Human Touch

Daily specials, promotions and other content that is pushed to your Twitter feed is part of the puzzle. But you need to let your followers know there is a human behind the scenes, not just an auto-post bot. So, when fans are tagging your bar and raving about the fun they had Friday night, send them a virtual high five. People also like to see what your team is up to so share a pic of the ingredients for tonight’s special or the beer truck pulling up for delivery. Get people excited.


If you don’t have a large Twitter following yet, using simple contests are a great way to improve this. You can offer a free lunch or dinner appetizer to a random new follower each week. Or how about a gift card or pint glass to the first correct answer of a weekly trivia game? Come up with a regular promotion like this and people are more likely to check your feed as part of their social media routine.

Use Photos

According to Twitter, tweets with photos garner a 35% higher retweet rate than those without. Granted, this is across all industries but most people would agree that they are naturally more attracted to content with a visual instead of straight text. It’s so easy – with your phone’s Twitter app to snap a pic of a beer on tap or better yet, a quick video of the actual pour – that you should be all over this low hanging fruit. Be sure to add in relevant hashtags (you can find them in the Twitter search bar) and in a beer photo, tag the brewery for additional reach online.

Daily Specials

As mentioned, daily specials are important. While putting a chalkboard sign out on the sidewalk is a nice marketing touch, use Twitter to reach the 99% of customers who don’t walk past your doors. If you don’t serve food, let folks know when a coveted beer has been delivered. For an easy way to add another layer of content to your feed, check out TapHunter. Every time you update your drinks list, TapHunter can post the new beers to your Twitter feed. This will save you time on posting every new product so you can spend more time engaging one-on-one with your followers.

However you choose to structure your Twitter strategy, or any social media platform, make sure it’s manageable and realistic. You can always add more as you go along but don’t get bogged down in the minutiae out of the gate. Instead, just focus on getting content out and engaging with your followers on a regular basis.

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