Scheduling Social Media Posts using TapHunter

scheduling social media posts using taphunter

Social media is an important piece of every business’s marketing strategy (and if it’s not part of yours, it should be!). It’s clear that in this modern day and age, people young and old are using social media not only as a way to stay in touch with their friends, but also to stay updated about their favorite business and as a way to discover new businesses. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our latest social media feature: scheduling social media posts using TapHunter.


Why Would I Want to Schedule Social Media Posts?

You may be asking yourself why you would even want to schedule social media posts in the first place. This is a good question, and there’s a bunch of good reasons why scheduling social media posts can be a great idea.

  • Time Savings: If you can sit down one day a week or one day a month and schedule out all of your posts for that entire time period, you can save tons of time instead of making posts every day.
  • Consistency: It’s important to post on social media consistently, and scheduling can help in this area. If you schedule out all of your posts at once it’s a lot easier to make sure you don’t forget to post on the days you want to.
  • Frequency: Scheduling can actually help you post more than you would if you were manually creating every post at the time you wanted to post it. Everyone finds themselves being busy unexpectedly, and if you aren’t scheduling your social posts it’s easy to post much less often because you don’t have time every day.

How do I Schedule Social Media Posts Using TapHunter?

With the new scheduling features in the TapHunter dashboard, scheduling out your social media posts is a breeze. When you go to the Social Post Composer in the Social Media section of your dashboard, you will see an option to schedule your post time at the bottom of the page:


schedule social posts in taphunter


This allows all TapHunter business customers to schedule Facebook and Twitter posts for any date and time up to thirty days into the future. We’re excited to offer this great feature along with the other social media tools included in the TapHunter toolset.

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