Using Evergreen to Optimize your Restaurant’s Social Media Presence

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Today’s restaurateurs are lucky — gone are the days of massive spending to advertise their offerings to draw in new customers. Instead, many eateries rely solely on the power of social media to pique hungry people’s interest. And, for the most part, using social media to advertise is free.

Social media strongly influences customer behavior, too. In fact, F&B brands can be built on social media channels before they even open their doors. Similarly, established businesses in restaurants can use social media to build recognition and increase foot traffic.

The restaurant industry is heavily influenced by this trend and there are several ways to approach social media for restaurants. One of the best ways to optimize efficiency is to use a social media dashboard that integrates all social channels in one place.

Thankfully, platforms like Evergreen have developed social media management tools for restaurants. To start, let’s look at some of benefits of managing your social media accounts from a single, streamlined dashboard.

Manage Everything in One Place

Evergreen allows you to link Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more to their Social Media Inbox, so you don’t have to update each platform tediously. You can also use their filters and streams to view each account’s information in one place rather than jumping around.

For example, when you access Twitter from, you’re only either able to view the stream containing your feed, or you mentions, or your DMs, etc. You’re not able to look at everything at one time. Here, you can integrate all these segments into a single stream and have them all in one place, literally right in front of you… for every social media channel.

Increase Your Followers

When developing your restaurant social media strategy, consider how you’re going to build your audience and keep them hooked. Thankfully, you can use Evergreen’s social media tools to build relationships with your audience and grow your followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Evergreen’s social media tools allow you stay on top of community management and ensure you don’t miss any valuable feedback. From analytics to content suggestions and post reminders, the tools help you craft great posts and share content more often.

Engage on Social

To stand out against your competitors, be strategic in your approach to social media for your restaurant. A key benefit to humanizing your restaurant through social media is the concept of social proof. People copy the behaviors of their peers and having a strong social media presence is a great way to showcase your restaurant from a human perspective.

Not only can you post regularly from Evergreen’s dashboard, but you can monitor and respond to comments, too. Great businesses engage with their customers often. Evergreen helps busy bar and restaurant operators respond to comments, like posts, and more from a single inbox.

Stay on Top of Your Reputation

Most diners who are debating where to go will refer to Google reviews for other peoples’ feedback. Ask for feedback from happy customers on a regular basis to ensure your reviews stay current and positive. This will ensure those new to your brand have relevant insight.

Review sites can make or break a small business. Quickly monitor and respond to Facebook and Google reviews from a single place and track your ratings over time.

Display Posts and Reviews on Your Digital Menus

Build customer loyalty and show off your fan following by displaying Instagram posts, Tweets, and Google reviews on your digital drink menu. This emphasizes social proof by keeping current customer sentiment in front of guests.


Using an integrative social media platform can drastically improve your social media presence, and subsequently, your business’ ROI. By managing everything from a single dashboard, you can more easily grown your followers, engage with your audience, and stay on top of your reputation.

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