Post to Social Media from Mobile With TapHunter Manager

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We are excited to announce that social media posting is now available on the TapHunter Manager mobile app! Posting your menu updates on social media is a great way to engage both your loyal customers and to drive in new guests to visit your business. Now any TapHunter for Business customer can use the TapHunter Manager app to compose and share social posts on both Facebook and Twitter.

Posting to Social Media from the TapHunter Manager App

Previously, any TapHunter for Business customer could post to Facebook or Twitter directly from the TapHunter dashboard. This has been one of our core features for a long time, and having a centralized place to post on social media is one thing our customers always tell us they love about using TapHunter. What makes it especially simple is that when your menu is updated in TapHunter, we automatically queue up content for a social post with all of the new menu items already drafted up in the text of the post.

Since we launched our TapHunter Manager app, one thing we started to hear very consistently from our customers is that they wanted to be able to make these social posts from within the app. This can now be accomplished easily with the Social Post Composer within the Manager app, which functions very similarly to the Social Post Composer experience in the TapHunter dashboard. Simply update your menu and you’ll see the new items appear in the Social Post Composer for you to post about.

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How does this work with social posting from the TapHunter Dashboard?

One thing we wanted to be careful about is multiple team members using TapHunter on the dashboard and Manager app separately, so we engineered the Social Post Composer on mobile to account for any posts that have been made from the dashboard. This means that if someone on your team adds menu items in the dashboard and then posts about them on social media, the mobile app will be aware of this and only show items in the Social Post Composer which have not yet been posted about.

This is also true the other way around, any updates made in the mobile app are also accounted for in the dashboard, any new menu items that have not been posted about yet will appear in the Social Post Composer on either the dashboard or Manager app, and any that have been posted about will not appear there.
Our team is very excited to launch this feature, you can learn more about the social media features for TapHunter for Business.