Boost your Bar or Restaurant with Facebook

I’m sure you yourself have clicked on a Facebook ad in the past, but have you ever thought about how they could help your business? Facebook ads are quickly becoming the number one way to advertise cheaply to the masses. Time to hop on the train and start boosting your business with Facebook!

1. Tell your authentic story
Create effective & authentic content on your Facebook Fan page. Be yourself! Try this by profiling your staff. It will make them human to your readers and build trust in the community.

2. It’s easy to get started advertising on Facebook
Start your Facebook advertising journey simply by boosting a well written Facebook post. Start small! Get started boosting a post here.

3. Reach the people that matter to you
Target your ads to the correct audience. The correct audience includes people who will buy & are near your place. Use buttons such as get directions or call now to drive people into your business with advanced Facebook ads. Start creating your first ad now by clicking here.

4. Use advanced targeting
Import your email list to target your current database. Create lookalike audiences to target people similar to those you know love your business. Use a pixel to advertise to those visiting your website. Learn more about targeting here.

5. Measure your results
Always, always, always measure your results so you can know what is working and what isn’t. Use Facebook’s conversion pixel to get started tracking.

For more information on how to start boosting your business with Facebook visit today or learn the Facebook ad basics here!