Using Square’s New Feature for Your Restaurant’s Online Ordering System

using squares new feature for your restaurant online ordering system 1

In today’s digital world, your customers want convenience. They want to click a couple of buttons and have their food or beverages delivered or ready for pick-up. This means you need a restaurant online ordering system.

And if you’re already an Evergreen customer and Square POS user, you’re in luck. Square is now offering a consumer-facing online store capability – and Evergreen is the only software to offer a push-only integration with Square to get your online store up and running quickly.

Let’s take a look at Square’s new capability and how Evergreen integrates seamlessly, enabling customers to maximize the benefits of a restaurant online ordering system.

Square Online + Evergreen: Push-Only POS Website Integration

Evergreen’s dashboard now offers incredibly convenient integration with Square POS, essentially combining three powerful tools into one: digital menu software, restaurant POS, and a free restaurant online ordering system on your website, provided by Weebly. Within minutes, Evergreen customers’ entire restaurant menu can be listed online for streamlined online ordering. Just like that, you can easily take online orders and offer curbside pick-up or even delivery.

Thanks to our integration with Square’s new restaurant online ordering system, you can start taking orders on your website right away. Yes, it’s really that simple! Here’s how it works:

  • Update your menu on the Evergreen dashboard
  • This automatically updates your POS as well as your digital menus, printable menus, social media, and menus displayed on your website
  • This same action also automatically updates your online store through the Square POS website integration (items from your POS are imported right into your online store)
  • Once placed, online orders instantly display in your restaurant’s POS system
  • Options for pick-up, in-house delivery, or on-demand delivery are available

Take a look at the Square online store of one of our customers, Angry Bear, to get an idea of how easy it is for your customers to use these online stores.

Angry Bear’s menu populated in an easy-to-use restaurant online ordering system 

Benefits of Setting Up a Restaurant Online Ordering System with Evergreen

There are some clear benefits to leveraging Evergreen’s push-only Square POS integration to offer online ordering for your restaurant, both for you and your customers.

  • Incredibly simple workflow: Restaurant owners have seriously never had it this easy. You only need to enter menu updates in one place, the Evergreen dashboard, to populate new versions of your menu across all interfaces – POS, digital menus, social media, website menus, and your online store powered by Square POS integration.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Ordering online is easy. People want immediate service, and a restaurant online ordering system provides just that. Customers can easily place orders for delivery or pick up and never have to worry about waiting for their orders at the restaurant. Better customer experience is always a good thing.
  • Increased time to browse the menu: Giving your customers the option to view your menu online allows them more time to think about what they want to order. This saves you both time once they’re ordering at the restaurant if they can browse beforehand.
  • Higher transaction amounts: More time to browse also means that customers are going to have a difficult time saying “no” to those appetizers and desserts. Plus, if they order online, they’re much more likely to order multiple courses than if they had to sit and wait between them.
  • Streamlined restaurant operations: Restaurant website integration is a crucial part of the equation. Like we said before, Evergreen seamlessly integrates with Square POS, which automatically integrates with your website, giving you 3-in-1 convenience. This website integration automatically creates an online store – quickly opening up your restaurant to online orders that go straight into your POS. The results? A completely streamlined process for your staff and kitchen.
  • More customer control over orders: If your customer has lots of special requests or needs to place a large, complex order, doing so over the phone can be quite the task. Offering an online ordering system allows people to truly customize their options in a low-stress format, resulting in happier customers and larger orders.

Ultimately, all these benefits lead to more sales for you. Now who wouldn’t want that?

Set up Your Square Restaurant Online Ordering System with Evergreen’s Digital Menu

Evergreen is unique in offering a push-only integration with Square. No other products on the marketplace feature this type of integration with Square. (Don’t forget to check out Evergreen’s installed web widget on the menu page of Angry Bear’s website).

If you want to integrate your existing digital menu with a restaurant online ordering system, Evergreen and Square POS is the way to go. Together, our two applications can help streamline your online ordering, leading to better customer service and more online orders before you know it. Take Evergreen for a spin today with our free demo.

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