Google My Business Features for Restaurants: Menu Listing & Local Posts

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Most restaurant owners make sure their tables are clean and their bars well-stocked. But when it comes to attracting customers, it’s equally important to ensure your online presence sparkles. Today’s consumer relies on Google search to decide where to eat or grab happy hour, and nearly 70% of these local searches are done on a mobile phone. If you’re a restaurant or bar owner, that means it’s critical that your online “front door” looks welcoming and appealing.

Luckily, Google offers some powerful tools local businesses can use to drive traffic. The new Google My Business menu listing and local posting features are two ways restaurants can attract more guests. Read on for an overview of these features, together with new tools Evergreen has released to help bars and restaurants take advantage without much effort.

Google My Business Menu Listing

When choosing a restaurant, hungry and thirsty people first want to know what food and drinks you offer and what they cost. If you have claimed your Google My Business page (and you really should), you can list your menu directly in your profile. That means people will see it immediately when they search for your business on a cell phone and will be that much more likely to stop by. It will even show up in Google Maps!


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How to List & Update Your Menu on Google

The first step is to add a menu button to your Google My Business page. You can then manually add menu items and specials, or you can use a platform like Evergreen to automatically update your menus whenever you add a food or drink item to the Evergreen dashboard.


It’s important that your restaurant’s menus and specials are accurate and up-to-date, so you will have to remember to swap out a new beer or appetizer if you go the manual route. If you are an Evergreen customer, your Google menu will automatically update any time you add or remove an item in your dashboard. That way you know it’s always up to date.

Setting up a Google menu within the Evergreen dashboard is easy; simply connect your Google account on the Social Settings page and you will see a button to “Create a Google Web Menu.”

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This takes you to a page where you can choose which of your menus you’d like to display. You can also choose what to include on the menu (e.g. cocktails, food, bottled vs on-tap beers) and how to order the items.

how to edit your google my business web menu

That’s it! Now anyone searching for your bar or restaurant–or specific food and drinks like house-made Cinnamon Rolls or Pliny the Elder–will see your restaurant’s menu.


Google My Business Posts

Google My Business posts may sound like yet another social media platform to keep track of. But these local posts are different in one very important way: everyone uses Google, only some people use Facebook or Instagram.

Google posts show up in Google Search whenever someone looks up your bar or restaurant. That means that Google My Business posts will be seen by anyone searching for you online, before they even click into your website. These posts show up at the bottom of your Google My Business profile, which appears on the right-hand side of the search page on a computer and at the very top of Google search results on a cell phone–before someone even gets to your website.

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How to Post to Google My Business

Just like your menu, you can manually add a post from your Google My Business account. Evergreen customers can save time by using the Social Post Composer, which lets you post to Google. Watch the video below for a tutorial. This makes it really easy to integrate Google posts into your routine since the composer also supports Facebook and Twitter.



Another key difference between manual Google posts and a platform like Evergreen is that Evergreen software lets you schedule posts. By scheduling four posts at once, you’ll be set for a full month without needing to log in and post every few days. Unlike social platforms like Facebook, Google My Business posts expire after seven days, so scheduling is a life-saver for bars or restaurants without a dedicated social media person.


Your Google My Business page is your online “front door.” We’re thrilled to help our customers drive more traffic to their business with these Google tools. Combined with our other online presence features, it’s never been easier to get your business information out to people in your community and ultimately attract more fans to your bar or restaurant.