Incorporate Contactless Menus into your COVID Strategy

incorporating qr code menus into your covid restaurant strategy 2

Could QR code menus be the solution restaurants are looking for right now? We think so! Here’s why…

The humble restaurant menu has always been a staple of dining out. Patrons arrive, get a menu, and flip through the pages until they find what hits the spot.

instagram post But physical menus have become an item of public and legislative concern in the face of COVID-19.

Customers understandably aren’t comfortable touching menus these days, and as a restaurant owner, you’re left with yet another challenge to overcome. Some restaurants are sanitizing menus after each use, while others are embracing disposable menus – but neither of these options are viable long term. Disposable menus are costly, and thoroughly sanitizing menus after every guest is improbable, especially during a rush. Thankfully, there’s an alternative that ticks all the boxes. Contactless QR code menus are a straightforward, cost-effective, and sanitary solution for restaurants everywhere.

What is a QR Code Menu and How Do They Work?

A QR code menu is a digital menu that allows patrons to scan a code and open it on their smartphone. It’s a contactless menu that enables customers to view your food options from their smartphone.

A QR restaurant menu works just like a regular menu does, except it’s digital.

Your restaurant will have a unique code that’s synced to your digital menu, and customers scan that code with their smartphone when they’re ready to look at the menu. Then your entire menu appears on their phone where they can browse through options just like they normally would.

Benefits of a QR Restaurant Menu

There are many benefits of going the QR code menu route. Here are some of the best:

  • QR menus are sanitary. There’s no need to sanitize physical menus.
  • They’re cost-effective. You can keep your customers safe without having to continually re-stock disposable menus, wasting money on printing.
  • QR menus are simple to implement and use. They don’t require any technical knowledge for you or your customers.
  • They’re digital. This helps make your customers feel like you’re on the cutting edge of technology with your smartphone restaurant menu option.

The primary benefit? QR code menus allow you to stay operational and safe during these uncertain times.

Running a restaurant is difficult enough with all the new added challenges. Your menu shouldn’t be one of those hurdles – especially when QR code menus are so simple to implement.

Extremely Simple Implementation

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With Evergreen’s software, getting started with a QR code menu is effortless. No technical knowledge is required! Simply:

  1. Create your print menu with our easy drag-and-drop, guided builder.
  2. Click on “Contactless Menu,” and your QR code is generated automatically.
  3. Save and print the code.
  4. Place the code wherever it makes sense – on a sign at the entrance, on table stands, on laminated menus, on your wait staff’s notebooks – wherever your customers can use to quickly scan it with their smartphone.

That’s it. It’s that simple to get started with a safe, touchless menu.

Want to see it in action? Right now, we’re offering a totally free demo. Try it now to see how simple getting a contactless menu can be!

Click here to get started.


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