Brand Ambassadors for Your Bar

Brand Ambassadors for Your Bar
The term “regulars”, used to describe folks that frequent your bar, uh, frequently is an adjective everyone understands. Another way to say this would be “brand ambassador”. While this phrase may not be as readily

User Generated Content for Your Bar

User Generated Content
User generated content, UGC for short, is an easy and effective way for any bar to bolster their marketing efforts. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, UGC is anything your customers create while at your

4 Ways to Improve Your Bar’s Twitter Experience

Social media can be overwhelming with the ever-increasing number of platforms available, the multitude of best practices on how to use them and most importantly, finding the time to cultivate each one of them. While

4 Ways to Ensure Your Bar Rocks

If you sell craft beer at your bar, you are in luck. The brewing industry has a lot going for it – explosive growth, being the cool kids on the block, raving fans, tons of

Summer Done Right at Your Bar in 3 Steps

  With summer upon us, it’s critical as a bar owner that you are on your A-game. The weather is warm, people are taking vacation and everyone is looking for a good time. You need

Is Email Marketing Relevant For Your Bar?

With technology moving more rapidly every day, it can be difficult to not get caught up in the next big marketing thing. Should my bar be using Snapchat? Is an email list worth using? There’s

Why Your Bar Needs A Content Calendar

First of all, what does “content” mean? It’s a broad term that gets thrown around by “experts” such that it seems a Holy Grail needed to bring your bar marketing new levels of success.  Content

5 Signs of a Solid Craft Beer Bar

With consumer options for beer bars expanding all the time, how does your establishment stand out from the crowd? Having good beer and possibly food are obvious choices but you also want people to know

Tips for Better Beer Sales

As a bar owner, there are a variety of means you can employ to increase your beer sales.  Cocktails and liquor have been known to supersede the sales of beer, but if you’re a craft

Improve Your Bar’s Social Media Presence

Let’s face it, using social media as a business tool for your bar is challenging. New platforms are constantly being launched while the tried-and-trued sites are regularly changing their rules. Which ones – Twitter, Instagram,

Take Advantage of the Winter Weather at Your Bar

The winter season can be a challenging time to keep your bar at capacity on an average basis. The nasty weather can drive people away in a cold drift, or bring them in droves for

How to Promote a Killer New Year’s Eve Event

Everyone goes out for New Years Eve. As a bar owner, you’re probably very aware of this. But depending on your location, sometimes bringing people in can be a struggle.  It can also become taxing

Boost Your Thanksgiving Bar Business

Thanksgiving is nearly here and with it comes the traditionally busy bar night of Thanksgiving Eve. If you’ve ever gone out the night before Turkey Day, you may have noticed it’s bumping out there. Why?

3 Instagram Marketing Tips for Bar Owners

You don’t need us to tell you the statistics on Instagram usage to know it’s a hot social media network. Just type #craftbeer into the Instagram search bar and be overwhelmed by the sea of

How to Gain “Followers” on TapHunter

Followers: who are they and why are they so important? Well, your followers are your loyal customers and people that like what you’re doing. They are the people who want to know what you’re up