The Importance of Social Media for Small Businesses

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It can be easy to dismiss social media as trivial and trendy; however, recent studies suggest the opposite. According to data from Pew, social media use has consistently gone up every year for the past

Post to Social Media from Mobile With TapHunter Manager

We are excited to announce that social media posting is now available on the TapHunter Manager mobile app! Posting your menu updates on social media is a great way to engage both your loyal customers and

Sports Promotion Tips for Bars and Restaurants

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Show Games Your Customers Want to See If there is a team that is local to your business, it’s very likely that their game will be of interest to customers. On top of this, invest

Increase Sales This Holiday Season

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The holiday season offers boundless opportunities for bars and restaurants to increase their sales and create momentum for the new year.  As Q4 rolls in and back out again, bars and restaurants should capitalize on

Holiday Marketing Tips for Bars and Restaurants [WEBINAR]

blog post about holiday marketing tips for bars and restaurants
The holiday season offers boundless opportunities for local businesses to bring in new customers, increase sales and create momentum for the new year. As Q4 rolls in, bars and restaurants should capitalize on the increased foot

How Instagram Can Help Your Bar or Restaurant Make More Money

How Instagram Can Help Your Bar or Restaurant Make More Money
Instagram is one of the most widely used social networks, and this is especially true among bar and restaurant owners and their customers. Having a greater presence on social media helps to get you more

Turning Instagram Posts Tagged at Your Business Into Repeat Customers

From likes to comments to views, there are a number of ways followers engage with your business on social media. If you’re a savvy bar or restaurant owner, you make the most of every virtual customer

How Digital Displays and Social Media Improve Customer Experience

How Digital Displays and Social Media Improve Bar Customer Experience
Digital displays are becoming more and more common in bars, tasting rooms, and just about anywhere that serves alcohol. They provide a lot of benefits over a chalkboard; quicker menu updates, easier to read in

New TapHunter Instagram Features

The New TapHunter Instagram Features provide exciting new ways to monitor and increase your following and engagement on Instagram. View Follower Count and Recent Posts We’ve introduced new ways to monitor your Instagram account and

Be The Super Bar This Comic Con 2017

Comic-Con, the most popular event San Diego hosts annually starts July 19-23. Comic enthusiasts, locals, travelers, and full costumed children (and adults) will be pouring in San Diego in the thousands. Bar owners on TapHunter’s

7 Ways to Boost Bar Revenue for Halloween

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Halloween is a great in-between holiday that bars can leverage for a nice boost between the end of summer/Labor Day and the Thanksgiving/end of year festivities. We dare you to find an adult that doesn’t

Why Bars Should Advertise on Twitter

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Marketing and advertising has undergone drastic changes with the relentless advance of the online world via social media, desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile and on and on. For a bar owner, it might seem overwhelming when

Brand Ambassadors for Your Bar

Brand Ambassadors for Your Bar
The term “regulars”, used to describe folks that frequent your bar, uh, frequently is an adjective everyone understands. Another way to say this would be “brand ambassador”. While this phrase may not be as readily

User Generated Content for Your Bar

User Generated Content
User generated content, UGC for short, is an easy and effective way for any bar to bolster their marketing efforts. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, UGC is anything your customers create while at your

4 Ways to Improve Your Bar’s Twitter Experience

Social media can be overwhelming with the ever-increasing number of platforms available, the multitude of best practices on how to use them and most importantly, finding the time to cultivate each one of them. While