How I Learned to Stop Worrying about Tax-Deductions and Expense my Lunch

how i learned to stop worrying about tax deductions and expense my lunch

The Three-Martini Lunch – you’ve seen it in Mad Men and countless other TV shows and films featuring the fast-paced lives of Madison Avenue ad-execs, corporate attorneys and Wall Street power brokers. As the characters in those stories would tell you (between sips of top-shelf gin on the company dime), it helped them loosen up, facilitated networking, increased creativity and reduced stress. But besides being a fun cultural artifact, it was also a legitimate tax deduction… until societal norms about drinking on the job and political pressure to reform tax law brought the practice to a halt by the end of the 80s. 

However, recent changes in US Tax Law have brought about the resurgence of the Three-martini Lunch, or at least its modern equivalent. Savvy bar and restaurant owners can leverage this shift back to leisurely tax-deductible business lunches by increasing traffic and attracting new business clients using the tools and technology that Evergreen offers – from guiding customers to your establishment, to effectively communicating your menu, pricing, specials and events, our unique platform allows you to maximize customer loyalty while streamlining all aspects of maintaining a dynamic, ever-changing offering.

Created as a way to stimulate the struggling restaurant industry at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, the new tax break (officially known as the ‘Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021’) makes the Three-Martini Lunch fully tax deductible once again! Now that restrictions on in-person gatherings are easing and patrons are excitedly searching for the perfect new lunchtime watering hole, how can you leverage this fresh demand as a bar or restaurant operator? 

The simplest way is to guide thirsty Martini fanatics to your establishment using – they can use the app to add you to their list of favorite establishments while you connect with new patrons, communicate that you are friendly to the concept of the Three-Martini Lunch (perhaps even noting that you provide copies of appropriate receipts to submit for employer expense reports) and keep your regulars connected to ever-changing specials. NEW Evergreen clients can even get listed on TapHunter for FREE for 2 Months!

Once patrons have found you, our Evergreen dashboard allows you to manage the influx of crowds and communicate your latest offerings quickly and effectively. Even in our digital age, print still resonates making your physical menus a crucial component to attracting and maintaining a thriving lunch crowd. Evergreen makes this easy by seamlessly translating your drink list into an appealing print menu, allowing you to create and update attention-grabbing print menus on the fly with the click of a few buttons. With over 300,000 pre-loaded drink options in our database (featuring not just the names and descriptions of a massive archive of libations, but also official logos, ABVs, IBUs and more), dozens of top-tier design options and nearly unlimited customization.

Of course, your online menu is equally important, and Evergreen has you covered there as well – our powerful and intuitive web menu tool ensures that the menus on your site are up-to-date the moment you update your dashboard and look amazing whether viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Throw in search engine optimization, integration of Google’s small business features and the ability to add new menu items from your phone – Evergreen strives to meet the real-world needs of busy owners and managers.

As soon as all of your thirsty new business clients are in the door, Evergreen makes it easy to maintain loyalty and engagement with powerful tools to facilitate the creation and analysis of your social media footprint, providing helpful content suggestions, allowing you to schedule new posts, track and respond to Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor and Yelp reviews all from a single location.

So what are you waiting for?! Grab your briefcase (and fedora), head down to your favorite local lunch spot and unwind with a drink or three – after all, it’s tax-deductible!

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