Create a Monthly Newsletter for Bar Patrons

Interested in increasing your customer base and customer loyalty? Try a monthly newsletter! Bars and breweries have a unique opportunity to add newsletters to their list of cost-effective communication outreach techniques.

A newsletter differentiates you from your competition, creates a personality for you and your bar and a builds a relationship with your customers. Here we map out some tips and tricks for creating an enticing and effective monthly newsletter for your customers!

It is important to first decide what medium you will use for creating content: email version, hard copy, or both? Each type has pros and cons and depends a lot on your customer base. Check out some of the nation’s best bar and restaurant newsletters to get an idea of the style and content that would work best for your business.

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Communicate, communicate, communicate!

This can not be said enough. You build your business’s credibility by providing consistent and relevant content to your current and potential customers.
Try to implement a pattern to the content you publish, so that customers know what to expect from your business’s communications.

Make it easy to read!

Create a balance between images and text. Readers may find a full page of text a turn-off, compared to a page that combines images and text.
Use your company’s coloring and logos throughout the newsletter for a uniform, consistent look.
Avoid using superfluous language and jargon.

Advertise your social media accounts!

Always include live hyperlinks to your Facebook and LinkedIn pages in  email newsletters.
Include social media icons and URLs for each of your social media accounts on both hard copy and email newsletters.
Provide fun incentives for customers to interact with you via social media. This can include any type of promotion (5% off a local craft beer for liking your business’s Facebook page, etc).

Include events and specials!

Dedicate a section of the newsletter to listing the current month’s events and specials.
Always include happy hour specials.
Offer offline incentives, such as a printable coupon that customers can bring into your bar for a special or to receive a discount.

Be creative!

If you give customers a reason to love your bar or brewery, they will continue to spread the love!
•Provide a background history in your newsletter to give your establishment personality.
Include a customer “spotlight” section to create a more humanized view of your establishment. This can consist of Q&A interview, biography, fun photographs, or perhaps even a feature article!

The main goal of your newsletter is to engage your customers through unique content, while utilizing proven marketing techniques. In addition to being cost-effective, newsletters are informative and allow your customers to feel a connection with your establishment.

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