6 Ways to Turn Every Customer into a Regular

Sometimes it’s best to look at the raw numbers: Regular customers make up 60-75% of sales in bars and restaurants. Think about how turning every customer into a regular could affect your business!

1. Greet every customer.

Interact with customers before they’ve been seated. Let them know that you’re happy to see them and are ready to serve them. Managers can also make great impressions, even if it’s a simple hello or check in to make sure everything during their stay is going well. No need to be overbearing, just let them know they are welcome in your establishment and that their business is appreciated.

2. Get deeper than the order.

Learning the names and typical orders of customers is a great way to begin a relationship. However, to create regulars who will always think of your place first when planning a night out, you have to dig a little deeper. Ask about their families and their jobs and their interests to create a relationship that will keep bringing them back. Plus, you’ll have something to lead with the next time they come in.

3. Offer thoughtful discounts.

Nothing will make someone smile like a birthday discount or free drink. The more information you gather about important dates for your customers, the more often you’ll be able to send reminders that you’re thinking of them.

4. Engage on social media.

Make sure to return follows on social media. Liking an Instagram picture taken at your establishment or retweeting something from a follower is a great way to maintain a relationship even when customers aren’t present.

5. Keep them informed about new offerings.

Studies show that people are more likely visit an establishment if they are able to see what’s on the menu ahead of time. Keeping your website menus up-to-date and posting about new offerings on social media will make sure your customers know what to expect. Tools like TapHunter make this process very simple. In one click, you can update your website menu and post your new offerings to social media,  leaving you with more time to spend out on the floor with your customers. TapHunter also takes it one step further, by providing a mobile app that allows customers to follow your business and receive notifications when you make additions to your drink menus.

6. Last impressions are key.

Let your customers leave with a positive last impression by going above and beyond. Write them a thoughtful note on their receipt or in their takeout bag. Offer them to-go cups for their coffee or soda. Give them something good to talk about on their way home, and they will likely be back for it again soon.