3 Creative Ways to Bring Your Bar or Restaurant into the Fall Season

3 creative ways to bring your restaurant into the fall season 1

With fall around the corner, the longing to step on crunchy leaves, wear cozy sweaters, and sip spiced drinks are ever apparent. The weather’s cooling down, and for restaurants that relied on warm temperatures and spacious outdoor patios to keep business booming, the shift in seasons may seem daunting.

It’s the perfect time for restaurants to show some seasonal flair and incorporate some creative ideas to drive business through the end of the year. Here are a few easy ways to ignite seasonal excitement in your restaurant as fall approaches.

1. Enhance your drink menu with fall additions

Whether you’re upgrading an already-existing drink menu to incorporate drinks with a fall twist or introducing new fall cocktails altogether, it’s time to trade the cocktail drink umbrella for a cinnamon stick. This is a simple, yet effective tactic known to excite patrons.

Take, for example, an Apple Cider Mimosa – a twist on the classic Mimosa. Complete with apple cider instead of orange juice and a cinnamon sugar rim, this drink is sure to please. Another option is a Bourbon Pumpkin Smash. Geared to your Bourbon-loving regular, this cocktail boasts a rich flavor.

A cold drink on the rocks, or in this case, maybe in a champagne flute, stirs up conversation amongst restaurant goers. Drinks bring people together. Aligning your menu seasonally brings excitement and awareness to the new season. ­

2. Incorporate fall décor in your restaurant

Now that your menu reflects the change in season, focusing on the restaurant itself comes next. People love to feel festive this time of year! Cozy up your restaurant’s interior with fall décor such as a variety of faux (or real!) pumpkins and gourds. Available in many shapes and sizes, these items can be used for a variety of things including centerpieces or even outside on a patio.

And if pumpkins aren’t your vibe, the addition of a simple strand of lights throughout the restaurant will add that extra warm ambiance associated with fall. Once you’ve enhanced the overall look-and-feel of your establishment, snap some photos to share on social media to get people in the door.­­

3. Host a variety of fall activities

The arrival of cooler weather opens doors to a variety of outdoor activities suitable for all ages. Local newspapers and blogs often do roundups of fall activities in the surrounding area. Leveraging these outlets and hosting a relevant event ensures your restaurant maximizes exposure and increases turnout at your business. Pumpkin painting, a mini pumpkin patch, and photo ops with a scarecrow are a few ideas worth considering. Hosting fall-themed activities brings the community together and offers field trips for local schools, clubs, and various organizations.

Bring People Together

Fall is a wonderful time of year and tends to bring people together. The air gets crisper, the clothing gets warmer, and the trees give off the most gorgeous hues of red, yellow, and orange. While current COVID protocols encourages patrons to spend time outdoors and social distance when dining in public, businesses, specifically restaurants, shouldn’t shy away from making the most of the upcoming season. ­­