Make Your Bar Picture Perfect

When people go out to a bar, in addition to having a couple drinks, they want to immerse themselves in the ambience of the location. Make your business a place that people associate with good ambience by keeping your establishment clean and picture perfect. The idea of your business as a “good mood destination” will increase as your customers’ posts to social media reflect these qualities. Read on for 5 tips about how to make your bar picture perfect…
Read on for 5 tips about how to make your bar picture perfect…

1. Showcase Your Premium Spirits & Make Your Bottles Sparkle

You didn’t pay for quality spirits for no reason. If you haven’t already, show off those bad boys and impress your customers with your sophisticated choices. Create a wall display behind the bar or wherever works best for you so your patrons can ooh and aah over the spirit bottle design or graphic that grabs their attention. When it’s ordering time, get ready for a slew of pointer fingers to show you which of your bottle choices are most popular/desirable. This applies to beer bottle, glass, and growler displays too! Remember, don’t let your collection pick up dust and dirt—wipe the glass down at least once a day, and make sure those tops are kept sealed at the end of the day. When your collection of premium spirits is clean and on display, it will sparkle under the lights, grabbing your customers’ attention. For example, check out Tap IT Gainesville Growlers spotless and sparkling displays on Instagram.

2. Keep Your Taps Clear & Clean

Make sure your precious tap lines are kept clean because that is exactly what they are—precious. If one of those lines gets infected, you will be in for trouble. The best way to avoid this trouble is to prevent it. The best form of prevention is to regularly clean them out. Plan and set aside an appropriate amount of time to clean your lines. Once every six weeks should suffice at a minimum, but if you use your lines regularly, it is advised to clean them every two weeks! Also, close off your lines at the end of the night to avoid any unwanted visitors, like flies. These preventive measures will protect your lines from infection and keep your beer tasting fresh, which will keep your customers happy. Customers who are happy with their fresh-tasting beers might be so inclined to take photos of said delicious beer, and post to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, which puts your location on the social media map. And if your location is on beverage apps like TapHunter, Untappd, and Pintley, keeping your spirits and brews fresh increases the likelihood of “favorites” on these apps from fans.

Refer to the Brewers Association draught beer quality manual which offers an extensive scope on draught standards for distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and draught installation teams. 

3. Keep Up With The Times

Holidays and events are a great way to make your bar/restaurant picture perfect for your customers. Appeal to their senses with simple decorations for popular holidays like Valentine’s Day (there’s still time to plan for this one–hop to it!) and St. Patrick’s Day. A little bit of decorating goes a long way by appealing to the eyes, and ultimately to your customers’ sentiments about your business. Decorations also give people a reason to take photos at your business and share them on social media. When you show that your business is topical and current, people can look forward to upcoming events and holiday celebrations at your establishment.

4. Keep Your Bar & Tables Spotless

It’s no secret that alcohol has sugar in it, and when spilled on a surface it leaves a nasty, sticky residue behind. It is inevitable that beer or liquor will spill at your bar/restaurant. Make sure you keep your surfaces clean using cloths and solutions that are health-code approved. Keep a sanitizer pail filled with the right amount of cleaning solution nearby throughout the day and night for a quick clean-up solution. As an additional motivator, when you keep surfaces clean, they will appear better in pictures that your customers may take. Can’t say it enough—you never know when, or if, a customer will post a photo from your establishment to social media. Always be prepared for your business to look its best and represent quality by keeping things spotless.

5. Create a Cleaning Routine & Stick To It

The tips mentioned in this post won’t help if you don’t consistently adhere to them.
Get a cleaning/organizing system in place that is agreed upon between you and your employees. Designate your employees to clean certain areas during their shifts and hold them accountable. Make sure the schedule is posted where it can be seen and that it accurately reflects the times as they change. For instance, when a holiday/event arises, make sure the schedule includes decoration set-up and organization.
These 5 tips will please your guests in a subtle but influential way. Keeping things clean and in order lets people know they are in an establishment that genuinely values their customers’ well-being, and creates a comfortable ambiance for their benefit. In this atmosphere, people may feel inclined to share with others about their positive experience, whether it is online through social media or through word of mouth. So remember to actively keep your bar picture perfect for your customers with these 5 easy tips!