[CBC Edition] The Business of Beer with Forbes Business of Beer & Alcohol Writer, Tara Nurin,

The Business of Beer, Episode 51: Tara Nurin  – Forbes Business of Beer & Alcohol Writer

taphunter beer podcast tara nurinIn this special CBC episode of the Business of Beer with Andy “The Beerman” Coppock, we are joined by Tara Nurin, Forbes business of beer & alcohol writer. Tara joins us from the busy CBC floor to talk about the growth in the craft industry, connecting beer with different ethnic foods, the next big trend in craft and much more!

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Show Notes:

  • 0:30 Intro / General conversation
  • 3:00 Tara’s background, how did you get into craft beer?
  • 4:00 growth in craft industry, breweries in development
  • 6:15 amount of beer for beer audience, saturation point
  • 7:10 expanding craft into new markets, involving new audiences into craft
  • 9:00 connecting beer with different kinds of ethnic or regional foods as a way to reach new audiences
  • 11:50 representation of different mintority groups in craft and growth in different sectors
  • 18:15 how pink boots and women in brewing helped to drive growth of women being involved in brewing. Who will be members of other communities who do that?
  • 20:30 growth of craft, focus on big beer buying breweries and whether we should focus on ways of growing craft segment more
  • 25:00 greater adoption in craft, different styles and education driving it, reaching more of a mass market.
  • 28:10 what beer styles are going to be hot this year, next big trend?
  • 32:15 beer versatility with pairing, using proper glassware and serving as presenting beer well

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