Whole Foods In-Store bars choose TapHunter

San Diego, CA – April 20, 2013 – Whole Foods Market recently chose TapHunter, the leading digital beverage program management solution for restaurants and bars, to assist with the management for some of its in-store bars in the Southwest.

“We’re so excited to be partnering with a cutting-edge retailer such as Whole Foods Market,” said TapHunter CEO and Co-founder Melani Gordon. “TapHunter will reduce the time bar managers and staff spend on redundant tasks so they can focus on what they really excel at creating a memorable experience for their customers.”

The bars at Whole Foods Market are a new in-store dining experience at the celebrated natural food grocery chain. One of the biggest draws of each pub is the rotating selection of craft beers on tap, wines and premium spirits. The menu also features fare one would expect at Whole Foods – delicious dishes defined by locally grown organic produce and locally sourced meats and seafood.

While the ever-changing selection of beverages is popular with customers, it’s also a huge time drain for locations. Signage, menus and websites need to be updated on an almost daily basis. Customers need to be alerted of new offerings. Location managers report that they spend up to 8 hours a week on these repetitive marketing tasks. TapHunter can reduce that time by 75% –down to just 2 hours.

“With TapHunter, our staff only has to input a beverage menu once” says Brittany Ziegler Hastings, the General Manager at Trifecta Tavern Whole Foods. “TapHunter takes care of the rest. Instant updates are made to our print menu, website, as well as our social media. TapHunter just makes good business sense.”

When managers pull in one of 20K+ beverage descriptions that TapHunter provides, they can be sure that the well-written description will entice and educate customers on what beverage to order next, which results in a more positive customer experience and increases sales.


About TapHunter

TapHunter is a growing San Diego-based company that launched their business program in March 2012. TapHunter delivers a web-based platform that helps bar and restaurant locations increase the profits of their beer programs with no upfront investment or complex installations required. They reduce overhead expenses by automating the repetitive daily tasks of managing an ever changing and growing variety of craft and artisanal beverage options for owners and managers, and increase revenues by helping them make better beverage buying decisions.