Why Bars Should Advertise on Twitter

Marketing and advertising has undergone drastic changes with the relentless advance of the online world via social media, desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile and on and on. For a bar owner, it might seem overwhelming when deciding where to spend your money and time in this arena. You could make the argument there is a need to be visible on all these marketing channels. You could also argue the case for taking out ads in your local newspaper. Neither approach is necessarily wrong but if you run a small to medium size bar with limited resources, think quality over quantity. We want to make the effort worthwhile so let’s look at a single option today – Twitter ads.


Though the word advertising is used here, Twitter has broken down the term into several different subcategories. You can run straight up ads that simply let people know you exist. But you can also create an ad campaign around increasing followers, receiving link clicks to your website, watching videos and more. So it’s important to decide up front what you’re objective is. Let’s say the plan is to grow your bar’s email list. In that case, you would use the lead generation approach. This may not sound like advertising in the traditional sense but you will be spending money on ads and your customers will be seeing these ads on Twitter. You’re just taking it a step further.


We won’t go into the specifics on creating this type of campaign here, Twitter has excellent tutorials and instructions for doing so. What you will find however is that you can tailor your ad campaign to whatever budget and scope you have. Here are just some of the options:


  • Audience: You can have the ads show up across the United States or restrict it to the city your bar is located in.
  • Followers: You can further focus the campaign based on people that follow accounts likely to have similar interests. For instance, if you own a craft beer bar in St. Louis it would make sense to target folks that follow Schlafly.
  • Budget: You can, for example, restrict your total budget to $50 and a maximum spend of $5 per day if you like. This is a good way to test drive Twitter ads and decide if it’s worth allocating more funds. The more you spend, the wider your online reach but it’s a great place to start for bars on a budget.


This barely scratches the surface of how you can mold a campaign to your specific needs. But the point is you can target as specifically as you like.


Keep in mind, an ad campaign on Twitter should be in addition to regular content from your account. If someone sees your ad to sign up for the email list with lots of enticing reasons to do so but your Twitter feed hasn’t been updated in a month, it can come across as confusing. Why would a customer spend the time subscribing if you’re not online engaging in the first place? And if you need a way to bolster this flow of tweets, check out TapHunter. One feature is the auto-posting of tweets any time you update your drinks list. This makes it a great method for keeping your Twitter account fresh and interesting.

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