How to Gain “Followers” on TapHunter

how to gain followers on taphunter
Followers: who are they and why are they so important? Well, your followers are your loyal customers and people that like what you’re doing. They are the people who want to know what you’re up to and what you’re serving. They are the ones coming into your bar time after time, and most importantly; they are the ones spending the big bucks on your drinks!

One of the most popular features on the TapHunter mobile app is the ability for users to follow their favorite watering holes. When following a location, they’re the first to know when that spot changes something on their drink list or has event coming up via mobile push notification. This is why your followers are so important. The more followers you have, the more push notifications that go out. And the more notifications that go out, the more fans will come into your bar to spend money!

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So not that you understand the who and the why, how do you gain more followers? Don’t worry, we have created this quick tip list to help increase your followers!

1) Integrate TapHunter with your Social Media

Use the “social settings” tab in the TapHunter dashboard to turn on integrations with Facebook and Twitter. We have found that turning these tools on can help increase your social media following by 25% and more!

Each time you post with Facebook & Twitter your fans are given the chance to follow your location on TapHunter. The more you update, the more fans are given the opportunity to follow.integrate social media taphunter

2) Promote in the Bar

Use the TapHunter promotional material, that was sent in the mail, to promote that you’re on TapHunter. This will let your customers know they can follow you on TapHunter to stay up-to-date with what’s material taphunter
You should have received a promo packet when you signed up but you can always request more HERE or print out your own HERE.

Where to display promo material:
– Bar Tops (Table Tents)
table tents taphunter
– Posters by the front door, restroom wall and behind the bar
posters taphunter
– On social media
social media taphunter

3) Print Menus

Printing menus with TapHunter not only helps you save time, but the QR code located on the bottom of the menu helps customers find your location on TapHunter. Customers can scan it and then follow your location.

4) Add an Offer

* Only Available on Plus Plan*

Located in the “your location” tab on the dashboard, this offer can help make the difference if mobile users are looking for the next place to go. Add a deal like, “Show our bartender that you just followed our spot and get your first drink 50% off!”

Even if they do this over and over again, they’re still coming in again and again for drinks.
special offer taphunter

5) Use your Chalkboard to let your Customers now you’re on TapHunter

Help your customers know you’re on TapHunter by adding a shout out to your chalkboard. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to follow your location and stay up to date with your revolving beverage selections.

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whole foods taphunter chalkboard