What Are The 3 Main Roles of a Tap Room?

3 main roles of a tap room
The reason why it is called a “tap room,” is because it not just a bar. It’s a place to discover craft. Through engaging conversation, culture, and the introduction of new flavors, patrons are able to explore parts of the world, they may never travel to.

Thus there are a few things, as a tap room owner, you must consider when running your establishment. The following three, are the main roles of a tap room that people have expectations for, when coming through that door.

Engage Customers
Know that most customers that come in, are not fully educated on the craft. They may just have a sense of curiosity, and are seeking adventurous flavor profiles. This is where you start.

A tap room is centered upon engaging conversation. The patron does not just want to be asked “what’ll it be?” They are looking for suggestions, detailed knowledge, and perhaps even a few samples. Hiring a passionate and knowledgeable staff is key. The bartenders should want to discuss the history of styles, culture, and the idea of microbrews, and what they’re about.

Showcase a Brewer’s Best Efforts
Brewers are often like mad scientists; constantly experimenting. A tap room’s responsibility lies in showcasing their best efforts. Brewers often create new styles in “test batches,” i.e. small quantities, to examine how popular a product might become. Tap rooms are like their laboratories, and they rely on you to help them test their products.

In doing so, you often face the challenge of quickly updating your menus, website, and social media. It seems the more small batches you offer, the more work is created. TapHunter is a software that will allow you to navigate these changes effortlessly.

Once you receive a “test batch,” you can quickly update everything, with the click of a button. You simply log into their site, type in the new test brew, and voila! Your website is instantly updated, your social media starts cranking it out, and your menu is edited. You can then either print your menus, or utilize their digital drink menus, a simple technology that displays the update right from your tap room’s T.V.

Honor Beer Culture
There is a culture to beer. It’s a way for a patron to sample the flavors of the world, right from their seat. Be it Belgium, Japan, or Milwaukee, customers can learn about the various ingredients and profiles of a location, through their palettes. A good tap room should serve as the center of beer culture.

With a knowledgeable staff, they can also learn about that culture, through the experience of simply sipping their beer. This is why it is important to have an idea of the background in every product you sell. From the ingredients, to the brewery, and the region it was produced. Why are you recommending this particular beer to them?

Overall, the tap room is more than just a bar. It’s like a social classroom, and your pupils are your patrons. So open your doors to the tastes of the world; new ones are invented everyday. By filling the simple roles of a tap room, you’re sure to have people flocking to your door. Cheers!