The Canned vs. Bottled Beer Debate

You may have noticed a new brew trend popping up in your local grocery stores and bottle shops: craft beer in cans. Canned beer has long been considered the bottom-shelf, second-class citizens of the beer world. The negative attitude towards canned beer is rapidly changing as craft breweries across the country choose canning over bottling for the many benefits that cans provide. As this packaging becomes more popular, the debate over the taste and quality of canned versus bottled beer rages on. Here, we examine the pros and cons of each type of packaging:

The Canned vs. Bottled Beer Debate


Everyone can agree that cans are much more practical than bottles, especially for outdoor recreation. They don’t shatter, never require an opener, weigh less, fit more handily into a cooler, and impact the environment less.

Metallic Taste:
About half of craft beer consumers say that cans impart a distinct metallic taste in the beer, and the other half say they taste no difference. Recently a study was conducted that analyzed the perceived taste difference in canned versus bottled beers. Researchers didn’t detect any metallic taste in the canned beers, and found little to no taste differences between canned and bottled versions of each beer.

Better for the Environment:
Canned beer weighs less and requires less packaging than bottled beers, therefore reducing breweries’ overall carbon footprint and expenses.

Cans are completely airtight and keep out all light, therefore preventing the beer inside from becoming tainted.



Stay Cold Longer:
While bottles may initially take longer to cool down than cans, they stay cold much longer once taken out of the fridge or cooler.

Translucent amber glass has long been proven to protect beer from light and air, and allows for a smooth pour.

While many perceive canned beers to have a metallic taste, glass bottles have no impact on a beer’s flavor, allowing for a more “pure” tasting beer.

Beer has long been defined by its packaging, and bottled beers are usually seen as classic, higher quality purchases than canned beer.

Bottles are heavy, require lots of packaging, not environmentally friendly, and difficult to transport if you buy anything larger than a six-pack.

While canned beer is on the rise, bottled beer isn’t going anywhere. Comment below and let us know which one you like better! What are you thoughts on the The Canned vs. Bottled Beer Debate?


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