How Bars are Promoting on Instagram

Instagram made major waves a few weeks ago when it released its new video sharing feature. It was an instant hit, with 5 million uploads in just its first 24 hours live. Media sharers everywhere quickly forgot about its predecessor, Vine, and embraced Instagram’s version which featured longer 15-second videos and allowed users to edit frames and apply one of Instagram’s beloved filters. Businesses immediately recognized the exciting potential of this expansion on an already prominent social media marketing tool. Just this week Open Roads Films released the first ever Insta-video movie trailer for the biographical film ‘Jobs’ staring Ashton Kutcher, illustrating the new frontier of advertising possibilities that this app has opened up. Instagram video gives businesses an easy way to share in-depth, interactive, and exciting perspectives of their products with their consumers. Here at 4 ideas for how you can use Instagram video for your bar:

1. Introduce Your Employees

Literally putting a face to your name is a great way to give your business a more personable feel. Consumers love to see that the people behind their favorite places and products are genuine, friendly, hardworking, and fun people much like themselves! If you own a bar or restaurant, make a video of your chef whipping up one of your most popular dishes, your bartender shaking up some cocktails for happy hour, or a clip of your manager inviting people in to watch the game this week. Loyal customer bases come from real connections between your employees and the guests they serve. Instagram videos are a great way to introduce your staff to all of your followers and initiate that feeling of familiarity.


2. Make a ‘How-To’ Video

Intsa-video is just another way to have a conversation with your consumer. Making a simple ‘How-To’ video is a fun way to engage your audience about something they might find interesting or beneficial, kind of like a visual blog. Bar owners might try something like, “How to achieve the #perfectpour”- which is also a great way to show off what you’ve got on tap! New Belgium made their own tutorial entitled “How to make a streak plate”, which gave their followers a unique look at the microbiology aspect of craft brewing. Check it out:

3. Behind The Scenes

Taking your customers behind the scenes is an opportunity to get them interested in what’s going on with your business and what’s in-the-making that they have to look forward to. Burberry proved the power of this with their viral Instagram video featuring a behind the scenes compliation of their spring/summer 2014 fashion show in London last month that got a whopping 18,000 likes. In the craft brewing world, Stone Brewing Company’s behind the scenes flick gave their followers a sneak peak of the bottling of it’s newest collaboration brew Drew Cutis/ Wil Wheaten/ Greg Koch Stone Farking Wheaton w00tsout! to get them amped for its arrival.

This is a way for you to increase transparency between you and your consumers, making them feel more connected to your business.


4. Special Announcements and Promotions

With Instrgram video, your marketing promotions can literally come to life. Gone are the days where social media advertisements are static and 2-D. If you have a special announcement to make- happy hour deals, a new location opening, seasonal promotions that you’ve got going on- instagram video is the perfect way to get the word out in an exciting, creative way!  The sky is the limit for the types of campaigns you can create and there are countless examples of savvy businesses that are profitting from the newest social media marketing tool!

Here’s wishing you a Happy Friday from us at TapHunter!

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