New Instagram Features for Evergreen Customers

bullseye wholesale instagram digital display | how digital displays and social media improve bar customer experience

It’s no secret that Instagram is one of the best ways for bars and restaurants to connect with their patrons. That’s why we continually update our Instagram features to provide the greatest possible value to Evergreen customers. Today we’re announcing some exciting, upcoming updates to our Instagram integration. These updates will go live the week of December 10, 2018.

@Tagged Posts on Digital Menus
Our digital menus allow you to display Instagram posts that you post from your business account, or that use a particular hashtag. Now you will also be able to display posts that you have been @tagged in. This is great because it is quite common for guests to tag the bar or restaurant’s account in their post. This update will let you capitalize on this and display more of your customers’ posts on your digital menus.

New Instagram Metrics in Social Stats
We are adding three important new Instagram metrics to the Social Stats section of our business customer dashboard: 1) account impressions, 2) reach and 3) profile views. These metrics, which will be visible together with your other social metrics, will equip you with additional, valuable insight on your social media performance.

Here’s a breakdown of what these new stats measure:
Impressions: Total number of times your media “objects” (posts, stories and promotions) have been viewed. This includes multiple views by the same user. Does not include profile views.
Reach: Total number of times your media objects have been uniquely viewed, meaning the number of users you “reached” with your posts, stories and/or promotions.
Profile Views: Total number of users who have viewed your profile in a specified period.

We hope that these new capabilities will be a great way to deepen your business’s connection with your customers and improve your ability to succeed on Instagram.