TapHunter Releases Spirit & Cocktail Tools Independent From Their Popular Beer Tools

Do you have the best spirits and/or cocktail list in town? Are you mixing up a new specialty cocktail or purveying a unique single malt Scotch or other spirit, and you want people to know you have it…right now?

If you’ve used TapHunter to manage and market your craft beer program, then you know how easy and effective the tools are for driving business in your door and saving you time on your daily tasks. Well, we have even better news …we’ve expanded the platform! Our newly released spirit and cocktail tools are here to connect you with your unique market of customers and to save you time and money promoting your distinct beverage program!

So What’s New?:

– You can now purchase spirit and/or cocktail tools independent of beer (see our new pricing here).

– Push any of your spirits and cocktails straight from the TapHunter dashboard to Facebook, Twitter and the TapHunter app with a unique story and photo…anytime you want!
taphunter facebook posttaphunter twitter post

– Promote your live spirit and cocktail list on your location’s website and Facebook fan page so your fans are always in the know with what you are offering
taphunter online cocktail listlukes fb menu taphunter

– Print your updated spirit or cocktail menu (or a combination of the two) in one click from the dashboard. Include mixologist names; glassware; cocktail story and ingredients; spirit vintage, age, barrel and batch, etc.
spirits and cocktail menu taphunter   cocktail with glassware menu taphunter

– In addition to displaying your cocktails name and ingredients, you can also create a taste profile, story, and give credit to the creator. This will not only create a more educated consumer, but it will also highlight your location’s unique aspects and mixologists.
taphunter app cocktails


Are you an existing customer looking to add spirit or cocktail tools to your TapHunter platform?

Email [email protected] or call (619) 512-2337 x 2


Are you a bar owner with a stellar spirit and/or cocktail program and want to learn more about how TapHunter can help your save time and sell more?

Email [email protected] or call (619) 512-2337 x 100