Sports Promotion Tips for Bars and Restaurants

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Show Games Your Customers Want to See If there is a team that is local to your business, it’s very likely that their game will be of interest to customers. On top of this, invest

Bar & Restaurant Decor Ideas for the Holidays

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Nothing says holiday spirit quite like a well-decorated establishment. But with so much to do around the holidays, it’s understandable that Insta-worthy decor falls by the wayside. Here are our top restaurant decor ideas to

Increase Sales This Holiday Season

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The holiday season offers boundless opportunities for bars and restaurants to increase their sales and create momentum for the new year.  As Q4 rolls in and back out again, bars and restaurants should capitalize on

Holiday Marketing Tips for Bars and Restaurants [WEBINAR]

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The holiday season offers boundless opportunities for local businesses to bring in new customers, increase sales and create momentum for the new year. As Q4 rolls in, bars and restaurants should capitalize on the increased foot

7 Ways to Boost Bar Revenue for Halloween

Halloween is a great in-between holiday that bars can leverage for a nice boost between the end of summer/Labor Day and the Thanksgiving/end of year festivities. We dare you to find an adult that doesn’t

The San Diego Festival of Beer

22nd annual san diego festival of beer
“Drink beer, cure cancer,” says the cheerful crowd, and that’s exactly what the San Diego Festival of Beer is all about. People having a good time, for a good cause.   What is the San

The Top Beer Festivals in the Country

The weather is starting to warm up, and craft beer lovers are uniting all over the country for some of the best beer festivals the states has to offer. Every year, another great event seems

Get Your Memorial Day On

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In just a few short weeks, the summer will kick off on Memorial Day weekend. With everyone and their brother on vacation, amped for the warm weather and ready to cut loose, bar owners need

Unique American Brewery Tours

One of the best ways to discover new craft beer for your bar, is to tour the brewery itself.  With more than 4,000 across the country, nearly 75 percent of all Americans live within 10

Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Your Bar

For many bars and restaurants, St. Patrick’s Day is almost a guarantee in sales. It is one of the only holidays on the calendar purely devoted to drinking. A recent study by the National Restaurant

How to Hold Trivia Night at Your Bar

Offering an excellent selection of craft beer, wine, and cocktails is sometimes only half the battle when running a bar.  Keeping your customers entertained is also essential to maintaining a healthy revenue.  While there are

How to Host a Pairing Dinner

A great way to up-sell in your bar or restaurant is to consider coupling your drinks with specific plates.  Although pairing dinners are most common with wine, they can run the gamut of any beverage

How to Promote a Killer New Year’s Eve Event

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Everyone goes out for New Years Eve. As a bar owner, you’re probably very aware of this. But depending on your location, sometimes bringing people in can be a struggle.  It can also become taxing

Ways for Bar Owners to Give Back During the Holidays

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During the holidays, one way to maximize your sales and attract a larger customer base is to have a charitable spirit. Whether you choose to volunteer with your staff, or hold an event in your

Beers for Your Bar That Pair Great With the Thanksgiving Holiday

If you’re serving any form of a Thanksgiving meal or snack in your bar, or even if you’re in a neighborhood full of festivities, people flock to meet-ups, gatherings, and get-togethers outside the home, during