Boost Your Thanksgiving Bar Business

Thanksgiving is nearly here and with it comes the traditionally busy bar night of Thanksgiving Eve. If you’ve ever gone out the night before Turkey Day, you may have noticed it’s bumping out there. Why?

Kegs and Eggs – How to do Sunday Brunch Right at your Bar!

It’s hard to beat going out to eat for Sunday brunch. The last day of the weekend and ideally one of accomplishing very little while enjoying every second of it. And what’s a better place

5 Best Bar Promotions

It’s time for your bar to be the cool kid on the block and the best way to do this is by offering promotions. Promotions attract crowds on weekdays and on the weekends. Use these

4th of July Drinks For Your Bar

Independence day is right around the corner. Add one of the following patriotic drinks to your TapHunter print menu. American Beauty 1 ½ oz. SKYY Vodka 1 oz. lemon juice ½ oz. simple syrup 3 lemon

An Easy Way to Reward Your Customers

Customers are your highest priority, right? Getting them is important, and keeping them is even more important. So how do you keep your customers?  How do you foster loyalty and happiness in your customer base?

5 Tips to Attract Millennials to Your Bar

For a better understanding of who millennials are and why they’re important to bar owners, click here. Millennials, also known as Generation Y, include anyone born between 1980–2000 and account for 75.3 million members of the

Host an Awesome Meet-the-Brewer Night at Your Bar

What’s better than discovering a beer you absolutely love? Discovering that the beer you love is just one of a drool-worthy selection of brews, all made under one roof. That is one reason why bars

Bring in the Brunch Crowd

It’s not quite breakfast, and it’s not really lunch. Why is brunch so popular among consumers? Maybe it’s the excuse to have a Mimosa or a great breakfast stout before noon, or a chance to

Get More in the Door: Bring in New Customers & Get to Know Your Community! [WEBINAR]

Bringing in new customers is just as important for bar and restaurant owners as retaining loyal patrons. Not only does this result in more business, but it helps build community by bringing like-minded people together

Top 6 Holiday Beers That Need to be on Your Bar’s List

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Bring in the holiday cheer by serving up some holiday beers! The month of November is behind us, signaling the end of the Pumpkin Ales, wet-hopped IPAs, and Oktoberfest lagers that dominate the shelves of local

Top 10 Beer Festivals in September

  As the summer comes to a close, beer lovers can rejoice at the coming return of Fall beer styles. Start off this season right by attending any one (or all) of these Top 10

Need an Excuse to Drink Beer on Valentines Day?

Valentines day has always been the perfect excuse to ignore those New Year’s resolutions and eat lots of chocolate. But why not make it the perfect excuse to drink beer as well? With this “Best

Engage Customers with Seasonal Beer

Keeping your customers engaged is a key element in creating a successful craft beer program at your bar or restaurant.  Frequent rotation of your beer lineup to ‘tap’ into seasonal offerings is an excellent way

Celebrate Fall at Your Bar

Are you ready for Fall? Yes, the days are going to start getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t reason for you and your customers to celebrate this Fall! You just have do your