5 Tips to Attract Millennials to Your Bar


For a better understanding of who millennials are and why they’re important to bar owners, click here. Millennials, also known as Generation Y, include anyone born between 1980–2000 and account for 75.3 million members of the world’s population. That’s kind of a lot of people…. This year, these are your customers between the ages of 18–34. This generation is full of young spenders who want to succeed and celebrate their successes along the way. Their spending power can make a huge impact on your bar! Here are 5 tips that will help you attract millennials to your bar.

1. Be Flexible and Trendy
Generation Y is constantly jumping from one trend to the next. As a bar owner, you have to be flexible to keep up with this generation. They want the next best thing and they want it now, and they’re actually getting what they want because of today’s frequently changing societal trends. Pay attention to your customers comments and reviews for a head start on what’s trending. If you can stay flexible and stay trendy, you’ll be golden.

2. Serve Craft Beer
Millennials are known for being big craft beer drinkers. Why? Because 43 percent of millennials actually prefer craft beer over domestic beer (smart group)! But really, millennials love both creativity and uniqueness. Craft beer gives them a unique experience through various tastes and seasonal choices. Who doesn’t like sipping on Rubaeus by Founders Brewing Co. during the summer and a Russian River Pliny the Younger come winter time?

3. Go Digital
Digital drink boards are the newest trend in the industry. Millennials are always looking around for their new favorite craft beer(s) and funky cocktails. Five out of every six millennials in the US connect with companies on social media networks. Make your bar stand out by posting your drink list on all of your social accounts and a digital drink board inside of your bar.

4. Offer Deals
People who like going out for a drink enjoy it even more when there’s a deal involved. By offering deals on social, millennials (who are the biggest users of social media) might just share them with all of their friends. They actually do! 60% of Millennials reported that they trade and share coupons across social networks.

5. Be Loyal and Earn Their Loyalty
Are you searching for loyal customers? Gen Y bar-goers will show loyalty to bars that donate to causes they value. A report shows that 75% of millennials find it important that companies give back to society and don’t just take a cut.

Millennials are driven by loyalty, social media, deals, trends and craft beer. Try using a few of the tips listed above to attract this generation of customers into your bar.