Digital Drink Boards: Why you Should Install one Today!

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Any bar owner that offers a variety of craft beer can tell you one of the challenges is keeping up with the menus. The common go-to has always been a chalkboard over the bar, which the staff is continuously erasing and updating. There are several issues that arise from this method, however, as the industry and the selection of beers continues to grow.

A new way to display your ever-changing menu is to install a digital drink board. Not only can you display a beer list, but any wine, spirits, and/or cocktail menu as well. The following are some key reasons why it’s time to toss the chalk in the trash, and get digital.


A chalkboard is only as good as its first few erases. Not only can they get messy and clouded, but they can be virtually illegible in dim settings. After all, chalk doesn’t glow like a digital menu on a television screen.

A chalkboard is also susceptible to a staff’s poor handwriting, as well as human error. The information can have misspellings, or worse, inaccurate information. A digital drink menu doesn’t have this problem, due to convenience.

With a digital drink menu, you can search the online dashboard for the beverage you want to display, and simply tap a button. The boards come with a user friendly website where you can control the display, from any online device. Even update the drink list from your phone. There’s no need to even be present in the bar or restaurant, to do so. You can also give your staff access to the dashboard, for when they stock a new craft beer, or change a keg. The boards are instantly updated in real-time, with no refresh needed.

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A digital drink menu can be displayed in either a landscape or portrait layout, and is designed to contain more information than your average chalkboard or menu. Besides the name of the beer, some of the data that bar owners have chosen to display include factors like: the brewery name, ABV, size, price, and style.

The ability to post so much detail about the beer makes it easier for customers to find something they like. This also makes the ordering process more efficient. It increases the chances that a patron will order a more expensive craft beer if it sounds enticing enough. It’s also important that your staff is always knowledgeable of anything on the board, to help guide the customers in their decision making process.

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Although all digital boards come with a standard layout, many can also be customized. TapHunter is a company that can create a tailored design to perfectly match the theme and tone of your establishment. Customization is all about individual needs, and TapHunter can incorporate things like logos, layouts, and color coordination to flawlessly match your requests!

With a digital drink menu, you can also integrate personal advertisements that cycle through the screen periodically. This can include anything from announcing happy hour, to a new craft beer, or any particular drink specials you have running.

The hardware is incredibly easy to install and requires nothing more than the use of your television and wi-fi. The displays are powered by a small device which connects to your TV via HDMI. The equipment is small, and can fit in the palm of your hand.

Overall, digital drink boards are not only more legible, convenient, and easier to use, they give your bar a modern flair. Many bar owners have also seen a rise in their ROI, as they find patrons branching out from their comfort zone, and ordering more high end craft beers. Take it from the mouth of Reddit user BrewN00b, who stated in a thread about digital drink menus:

“As a patron, I think they’re incredibly useful. I went to Frisco’s for my birthday recently (Crofton) and here they had an enormous electronic beer list. The beers are color coordinated so you know what size glass you get, which beers are high ABV, and which ones are brewed in-house (well, they’re all brewed at the Columbia location, but you get the idea). For a beer list this size (60-70 different labels) it was the perfect solution and went over well with me.”

Bar owners – want to see what a digital drink board would look like in your bar? Get a demo today!