Celebrating International Women’s Month

celebrating international womens month

Did you know, every year, March is International Women’s History Month? Designated by Presidential proclamation, this month is intended to celebrate women’s contributions to American History. #ChooseToChallenge is the theme for 2021. This theme seeks to inspire folks to celebrate the achievements of women around the world, to raise awareness against bias, and to act for equality.

Especially in the current climate, it’s more critical than ever to help achieve a more equal world. Since normal in-person events and celebrations aren’t happening this year, there are many ways to get involved online. One of them is to “strike a pose!”

As noted by USA Today, Organizers asked supporters to “strike the ‘Choose To Challenge’ pose and share on social media using #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021.” This pose simply involves raising your hand high to “show your commitment to choose to challenge inequality, call out bias, question stereotypes, and help forge an inclusive world.”

We can’t overstate the profound impact women have made on the restaurant industry. From making it safer to creating support networks, turning competition into comradery, ending gender-based and racial discrimination and more, their impact is seen and felt constantly. We’ve certainly seen the impact women have made in the restaurant space and we’re excited to honor them this month (and every month)!

Here are a few of our awesome women-owned clients and the stores behind their establishments.

Carmen Favela and Esthela Davila opened Mujeres Brew House in 2010. They strive to create memorable moments through thoughtful events, educational experiences, great company, and good beer. Mujeres Brew House boasts an inclusive atmosphere for anyone who wants to learn and explore the world of craft beer. It’s also a great place to meet new people and make friends.

The goal for their brewery is to promote the learning and education of craft beer, not only for women, but for any person that wants to learn and explore the industry. Carmen and Esthela love to educate and empower everyone who love the craft and trade. They’ve embraced the opportunity to share their insights behind the growing Craft Beer Industry in San Diego. They love to encourage others to pursue a career in the industry or just to understand the basics of Craft Beer.

Another great local brewery is Growler Grlz. What if you took a road trip to North Carolina to check out a new brewery, but when you got there, it kinda left you flat. Growler Grlz Growler Filling Station brings the breweries to you, from across the state, the country and beyond. Did you know they have 42 weekly rotating taps? Using reusable glass jugs, Growler Grlz aims to provide a wide variety of fresh, handcrafted, micro-brewed beers, to be consumed offsite.

Owned by Karen Paulsen, Growler Grlz opened in 2013 and serves as an epicenter for charitable events. It’s also a place to teach women about craft beer and the industry. Ongoing events like brewer tastings and food pairings are designed to promote greater understanding and appreciation of craft beer culture.

Redwing Bar & Grill is another shining example of a woman owned business that has brought a sense of community to San Diego’s North Park. It’s not just a bar or a watering hole. This bar is a community of gay, straight, and bi homo-flexible residents. The Redwing has been nominated for a “Nicky” award during “The Nickys,” deemed the “Gay Academy Awards of San Diego” by KGTV 10-News.

Owner Sarah Critchlow bought The Redwing from the Liptons in 2006 with the dream of opening a men’s bar. The Redwing residents are regulars daily, and by night, they welcome in customers from all walks. Back in the pre-Covid days, Redwing was known for their popular karaoke and other theme nights.

There are a variety of wonderful women-based non-profit organizations, too. This year, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the Womankind organization, working to become a leader in providing multilingual and culturally responsive services to help survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual violence rise above trauma and build a path to healing.

Womankind was founded in 1982 as the New York Asian Women’s Center. This was only six years after the first domestic violence shelter opened in New York City. Womankind offers survivors safe places to live, counseling, legal assistance, wellness activities, and more through their variety of different programs.

We’re grateful for organizations like Womankind and to have women-owned businesses like Mujures Brew House, Growler Grlz, and Redwing Bar & Grill in our Evergreen family. We look forward to the continued impact of women on the restaurant industry.

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