COVID-19 Bar and Restaurant Closures

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Dear Valued Customers,


Our sympathy goes out to all of those affected personally and professionally by the novel COVID-19 virus.

To say the service industry has been heavily impacted is an understatement. We understand what you are going through and are sympathetic to your plight. Many of the businesses we work with are seeing a decline in sales and taking a significant financial hit. Evergreen has been impacted as well. At this time we are focusing on things that we can control, including stopping the spread of this virus. This includes our team, Jeff, Mel, Flash, Tori, and Colin, working strictly from home. Customer support via phone and email will continue during this time.

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Please know, you are not alone in this. Evergreen is working with customers who are closing in response to COVID-19 on a one to one basis. If this is you, please reach out to us at [email protected]. We have also released a new feature in response to COVID-19 closures to ensure consumers are aware of your operational status. You can set your availability through the website dashboard which will display on the TapHunter mobile app and website!screen shot 2020 03 27 at 10.37.23 am

Now is the time for communities to stand together. We believe this industry will bounce back more successfully than ever and we are anxiously awaiting that day. Stay safe.