Supercharge Your Bar on Super Bowl Sunday

super charge your bar on super bowl sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is little less than a month away, on February 7th.  With New Year’s Eve wrapped up and St. Patrick’s Day not happening until March 17th, the Super Bowl is a great opportunity to drive increased revenue as winter winds down. Certainly beer and football go hand in hand so how exactly can you grab more football fans for the Big Game?

By engaging your customers and diving deep on what they really want. You can start by polling them on Facebook for their favorite beers. Post the top 10 beers they currently order at your bar. Use an app like Poll to easily collect votes on what they like best. And let everyone know that the top 3 vote getters will be on tap during the Big Game.

Now that you’ve got them involved, make sure they show up at your bar with a simple contest that ties it all together. Grab an old school roll of raffle tickets and reach out to your distributor and brewery partners for giveaway swag. Stickers are nice but shoot for bigger ticket items like tacker signs and glassware. Once you’ve got all the gear in hand, make sure to tell your customers what you’ll be giving away.

Then, on Super Bowl Sunday, give a raffle ticket out every time someone orders one of the top 3 beers they voted on in the first place. Depending on the size of your audience and quantity of giveaways, you could do a raffle at the end of each quarter, halftime or some other natural break in the action. Everyone loves merch from their favorite brewery.

A plan like this takes some planning but it will drive engagement on your social media accounts and encourage Super Bowl revelers to buy their drinks at your bar. Make sure you take the time to spell out the contest for your customers. You want them to know that they get to take part in your party and have a chance to nab some cool gear. If you need help on quickly figuring out what your top 10 most popular beers are, check out TapHunter, it gives you access to what exactly your customers are drinking.