Turning Social Media Likes into Customers


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Social media is all about creating customer loyalty, which is why getting your regular customers involved in your social media campaign is the key to success. These 5 tips will help you strengthen your customer base and attract new customers using various social media channels.

1. Get regulars involved through photo sharing via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Ask customers to post their photos with your bar’s hashtag and location!

2. Create compelling content. Show off your bar with photos of drinks and food, as well as guests and staff!

3. Integrate your email marketing lists. Notify customers about promotions and specials by asking them to “like” your page in exchange for a discount or insider tips and tricks.

4. Sharing is key. Encourage people to share posts and photos with their friends, or ask others in your business network to share your posts on their page.

5. Use Facebook ads for your target audience. Regular and new customers can like and share your ads to create more visibility for your bar.

taphunter, instagram, customer loyalty

Posse Bar knows how to utilize social media by encouraging customers to follow their TapHunter account, as well as including popular hashtags to improve their visibility.

Social media campaigns can easily become time consuming. In addition to these tips, we recommend that you implement a social media policy for your staff to organize what, how, and when to post on various channels. Look for social media tools such as HootSuite to help you manage your social media campaigns.

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