Online Marketing How-To for Bar Owners

Online media allows for businesses and customers to connect instantly like never before. As a bar owner it is vital to never underestimate the power of social media and other online outlets. Many bars are tone deaf to their customer’s desires, suggestions, and even complaints because they are not utilizing online marketing to the same degree as their patrons. With these tips, you’ll never have those issues.

1. Keep an up-to-date beverage list online

In the age of instant communication there’s no excuse to not have your beverage list available online. This serves the purpose of allowing potential customers to note any new changes to your beverage list which may influence their decision to head out that night for a pint or not.

Your regulars are familiar with your bar’s vibe and usual drinks available; but it’s the beer tap takeover, or spirit special that might get them to stop by on a Tuesday night when they’re usually only out on the weekends.

How to: Make sure your updated beverage list is on your website, Facebook, and other media. WordPress and many online apps allow this to integrate quite easily. You can also update your beverage list on TapHunter once and push the information to all outlets.


2. Mobile marketing

According to a 2013 BizReport, 81% of mobile users have used their device to search for restaurants. Of these, 84% say that they will look at multiple restaurant’s menus to make a decision. You better believe they’re doing this when searching for places to drink as well.

This means that if your bar’s menu is not readily accessible via mobile devices, you are limiting your options and customer base. If someone is searching for a bar from less than a mile away, wouldn’t you want your bar to pop up at the top of their list along with their close proximity?

How To: When checking your reviews on sites like Yelp and Google Business, make sure your menu is up as well. Other mobile apps like TapHunter can be updated from your web platform.


3. Cover all your bases

People use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media mediums for different reasons and in different ways. Facebook is used more as a social connector, where people can find their family, friends, and others they want to keep in contact with. Twitter is all about the here and now, the relevant and presently important, and about connecting people interested in the same topics.

What does this mean for a bar owner? Well, for starters it means that different people are going to use one site more than the other and for good reason. To make sure you are covering your bases, remember to have stable information on your Facebook: beer list, spirit list, upcoming specials, etc that is easily found on one of your main tabs. This will let people liking your page to find the information they want. For Twitter, remember to push new information about your bar constantly and consistently: what’s new, what’s going on, what you’re doing right now. Your followers are much more apt to respond to new, relevant info than blasting out the same old same old.

How to: Stay on top of your social media. Be sure to understand the differences between social media platforms and adjust your posting accordingly. Consider online tools like TapHunter to keep your beverage menu always up-to-date on social media.


4. Understand your customers

If you never listen to your customers, how will you ever know what your customers really think? Social media cuts out the middle man, allowing customers and business owners to hear each other out in real time.

Let’s say you feature a small craft brewery from across the country, only to have it be a huge hit with your regulars. If you aren’t active on social media, you might miss out on them telling you what they want!

How to: Listen to your customers, they will tell you what they like and don’t like. Online marketing platforms such as TapHunter give bar owners metrics on what beers, days, and times are most popular in your area.

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