Our Drink Sales Went through the Roof!

How Evergreen Helped Kozy’s Pizza Increase Sales

When Matt Pickering bought Kozy’s Pizza four years ago, he had one goal: transform it from a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint into a destination, loved by locals and tourists alike. Since then, Matt has worked tirelessly to achieve his vision, completing a major renovation, adding a bar with a curated menu and implementing Evergreen’s menu and social media technology.

We Had to Communicate Better

Matt and Manager David “Chuck” Morrell first approached Evergreen knowing they needed a better way to connect with patrons. “Our biggest hurdle before Evergreen was communicating with our customers,” Matt says. “We knew paper signs and relying on staff behind the bar weren’t the best way to sell drinks and promote events.”

Chuck was excited about expanding Kozy’s taps from six to 12 and building out a full drink menu. But he was concerned that Kozy’s chalkboard wouldn’t cut it anymore. Kozy’s needed a more efficient way to keep menus accurate and customers informed. And it had to be easy.

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“If they can’t see the chalkboard, you’re relying on word of mouth to sell your drinks.” – Matthew Pickering, Owner, Kozy’s Pizza

"if they can't see the chalkboard, you're relying on word of mouth to sell your drinks.” – matthew pickering, owner, kozy's pizza

A Menu on Every Table

Kozy’s started using Evergreen’s print menu technology to ensure every table had a menu and to better communicate the different drinks to guests. Chuck used the tools to create attractive print menus in several sizes, featuring the draft beer list, bottles and cans, cocktails and wines. The software automatically pulled in beverage information like location, ABV and logos, making menu updates a breeze. Chuck and Matt were particularly pleased with the polished descriptions that could be automatically added to menus. “We love Evergreen‘s clear, professional drink descriptions. When you have 20 different drinks in multiple styles, the descriptions ensure guests can pick the perfect drink without relying on someone behind the bar,” says Matt.

Our Drink Sales Went through the Roof

The addition of print menus dramatically raised Kozy’s sales by keeping customers informed about all the great drink options. “Our drink sales went through the roof after we started using Evergreen print menus,” Matt says. “We’ve seen a dramatic increase in revenue and our bottled beer sales have doubled!”

Kozy’s usage of Evergreen‘s social media tools has also boosted customer traffic. “Facebook and social media is a big thing for us. After we started using the Evergreen social tools, we started seeing an increase in followers and clicks to our site. We’ve even seen an uptick in website traffic from surrounding states, which tells us there’s interest from the vacationer market.”

With more and more guests flocking to Kozy’s, Matt, Chuck and the entire team are looking forward to a bright future as the destination for locals; a welcoming spot to kick back and order that perfect drink.

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“Since we started using Evergreen, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in revenue. Our drink sales went through the roof and our bottled beer sales have doubled!” – Matthew Pickering, Owner, Kozy’s Pizza


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