TapHunter Business Tools Will Soon be Evergreen!

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By Melani Gordon, CEO

I could not be more excited or proud to announce that TapHunter for Business is changing our name to Evergreen. (This does not apply to our popular consumer app, which will remain under the TapHunter name.) While our industry-leading technology will remain the same, we will roll out a new look, logo and name over the coming months. This brand update was driven by the incredible transformation of our technology and customer base over the past seven years, and we are thrilled to share it with you!

Why Evergreen?

My co-founder and I launched TapHunter in 2009 with a focus on the exploding craft beer market. We built the first app to help consumers hunt for their favorite beers, followed in 2012 by tools designed specifically to serve the bars that grew alongside the craft movement. But we were onto something bigger than just beer. As we developed the TapHunter for Business software, we discovered that not only beer bars, but also cocktail lounges, wine bars and restaurants were using the technology to grow their sales.

As our customer base expanded, we kept pace and adapted our technology to serve the needs of a more diverse set of businesses. We have released a series of features that help bars and restaurants:

  • Generate revenue with digital menus and promotions.
  • Increase sales with up-to-the-minute print, web and Facebook menus.
  • Drive customer traffic with social media tools.
  • Manage their online reputation and reviews.

As a result of these innovations, our customers now include breweries, beer bars, cocktail lounges, sports bars, wine bars, burger joints and grocery-stores. We are proud to count both local watering holes and national chains like Whole Foods and Stone Brewing among our customers. The name Evergreen both speaks to this wider customer base and captures our core vision since 2012: helping local businesses create enduring, lasting businesses.

In the Coming Months…

Over the next few months, you will notice the Evergreen logo and name popping up alongside the TapHunter brand. In early 2019 the Evergreen logo and name will completely replace TapHunter on:

  • Our website (the site you’re visiting right now), whose URL will change from get.taphunter.com to evergreenhq.com
  • The online dashboard and Business Manager app, used by our customers to manage menus, social media and more
  • Our social media platforms

New Name, Same Great Technology & Service

Current customers will not experience any changes in product functionality, features or our unparalleled customer service. Our technology will continue to include menu syncing across website, print, Facebook and TV menus; digital display technology; social media features; reputation management and inventory. And we will continue to proudly offer the best customer service in the industry.

What about the TapHunter app?

This was actually one of the reasons we’re making this change. Currently, “TapHunter” refers both to our consumer app and to our business tools. It can be confusing! After we transition to the Evergreen name, our business tools will be “Evergreen” and the consumer app will remain “TapHunter.” Bars and restaurants will still be able to promote their establishments on the app and TapHunter website and consumers can still search for beers.

Thank you for taking a moment to read about our rebrand. We could not be more excited to share this news with you and we look forward to many more years of helping bars and restaurants achieve their business goals. Cheers to the future!