Bring in the Brunch Crowd

It’s not quite breakfast, and it’s not really lunch. Why is brunch so popular among consumers? Maybe it’s the excuse to have a Mimosa or a great breakfast stout before noon, or a chance to sleep in, eat and drink with friends, and then indulge in a glorious afternoon nap. Or my personal favorite: Brunch is the perfect time for the kind of Bloody Mary that comes with everything–olives, pearl onions, celery sticks, pickles, dilly beans, a shrimp or two, a hard-boiled egg maybe, and a slice of bacon for good measure. It makes me want to kiss the foot of whoever invented brunch. Honor the Brunch Inventor: Don’t let brunchtime pass in vain. Here are a few ways you can make your mid-morning business hours brunch-tastic:

Make your offerings uniquely yours.
According to the National Restaurant Association, seven in ten consumers describe their favorite dining-out foods as providing flavors they can’t easily duplicate at home. So add a little twist to your dishes to get them coming back, craving the flavors only you can provide.

Make brunch a promotable event.
Make your brunch offerings distinctly different from the rest of your weekly menu to set it apart. Offer specials on certain food-and-drink combos that customers can only order during brunch. Promote your weekly brunch specials using the events calendar on your website, your accounts on social media, and the events section of TapHunter so your followers receive notification of the brunchtime fun!

Make customers happy with added value.
Are your menu offerings hard to change? Try adding value to what you already have with just a little something extra (“Bag of pork rinds with every pilsner during brunch!” “Brunchtime bacon cupcakes with the bill!” etc.) for your customers. And make sure to show it all over your social media accounts. Word will spread that your business treats brunch customers to an elevated experience, and they’ll be lined up at your door at 9:59.


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