Celebrate Fall at Your Bar

Are you ready for Fall? Yes, the days are going to start getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t reason for you and your customers to celebrate this Fall! You just have do your part and be creative with your promoting. Here are some ideas you can use to get people excited to come out during the autumn months:

1. Two words: Football. Season.

Sunday Funday! Not to mention the season will help you out on Monday nights and Thursday nights as well. This is the time of the year that you can go crazy- drink specials, tailgate food, team memorabilia everywhere- you can even organize a fantasy draft at your bar! If your bar gets a solid reputation around town as a great place to watch a game, you’ll be busy all season long.

2. Try out a new selection of Fall beers

There’s a fitting palette for every season. Fall is a good time for dark ales, Oktoberfest beers, and pumpkin flavored brews. Having a seasonal selection of beers gives your customers something new and exciting to try. Check with your local distributors for suggestions!

3. Simplify Your Life, with Friends!

The first week of August is National Simplify Your Life Week and the third week is National Friendship Week. Great way to do that? Take a load off and enjoy some relaxing, fun nights out with your friends. Isn’t August a happy month for your restaurant?

4. August 26th- National Dog Day 

Is your bar or restaurant dog friendly? It should be!

5. August 27th- Just Because Day

August 27th is Just Because Day. So, here’s a day where you can create your own ‘Just Because Special’ for your customers to show you appreciate their business!

6. September 4th- A Champagne Toast

Champagne was invented on September 4th 1693. I’ll drink to that! If champagne isn’t really your bars style, try celebrating with a hybrid champagne beer, or Bière de Champagne- a fairly new style of bubbly beer coming out of Belgium.

7. September 5th- Be Late For Something

September 5th is National Be Late For Something Day. You can officially offer a valid excuse to anyone who stops in at your bar for a few rounds and loses track of time.

8. September 18th- Cheeeeeeeseburgers

National Cheeseburger day is September 18th. Serve up your best sliders and have a burger special this day! This is also a perfect day for a beer and burger pairing menu!

9. Celebrate Oktoberfest!

Bratwursts, pretzels, and German beers! Oktoberfest starts in mid-September so don’t think you have to hold off till October to bust out the Lederhosen! Just as the lord mayor of Munich taps the first keg to officially kick off the Oktoberfest festivities- you could hold an Oktoberfest keg tapping on September 21st!

10. October 1st- World Vegetarian Day

Vegetarian menu options are more popular than ever and promoting your vegetarian offerings on this day could help pull in customers who never knew your restaurant had plates just for them!

11. October 30th- Mischief Night

October 30th has been dubbed “mischief night”. If this isn’t the perfect reason to go out, I don’t know what is.

12. Halloween Festivities

Who said Halloween is just for kids? Halloween is one of the best days of the year to throw a themed party at your bar. Get in the spirit with festive drinks, spooky decorations and even hold a costume contest!

13. November 3rd- Daylight Savings Ends 

Yes, it will be darker earlier but when we all move our clocks back on the 3rd, we gain an hour of sleep back! Hooray! Use it for an extra happy hour!

14. November 11th- Honor our Veterans

If you don’t have a Veteran’s special running year round, you definitely have to celebrate our service men and women on National Veteran’s Day on November 11th! Cheers to all they do!

15. Add some Fall menu items

As it cools down, it’s a perfect time to add some seasonal plates to your menu. Dishes can be heartier than in the summer months and it’s a great time to add some warm soups to your menu.

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