The Business of Beer with Head Brewer of Deep Ellum Brewing Co, Jeremy Hunt

The Business of Beer, Episode 42: Jeremy Hunt  – Head Brewer of Deep Ellum Brewing Co.

jeremy hunt

In this episode of the Business of Beer with Andy “The Beerman” Coppock, we are joined Jeremy Hunt, Head Brewer of Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Jeremy joins us to talk about the Dallas beer scene, his go-to beer style, the challenges of brewing in Texas, and more! If you’re interested in what it’s like to brew your own beer, or the beer scene in Dallas then this is a must listen!

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Show Notes:

– Dallas isn’t exactly thought of as a craft beer town. Now that you’ve been there a little while, what’s the beer scene like?
– What was your inspiration to get into craft beer, beside the drinking part, of course? Was there a particular beer or moment of epiphany?
– I guess since you went to Austria to study for the priesthood, epiphany is a good word?
– You had a bit of a journey, Austria, New Hampshire, Delaware, Kentucky, Dallas…how did you get here?
– Deep Ellum has more than tripled production since you’ve been there. Is that all you, or has the local beer culture started to mature?
– When I spoke to Brock Wagner from Saint Arnold recently, he talked about the difficulties he faced being a brewery in the state of Texas. Has it gotten better?
– How can brewers and beer fans effect change?
– You spent some time with Dogfish Head working with Sam Calagione. What lessons did you take from your time there?
– We just spoke with Sam about his new book, Off Centered Leadership. Aside from the brewhouse lessons, what did you learn about creativity and collaboration?
– What challenges have you faced growing from 12K BBL to 40K?
– Did I read correctly? You have 5 kids or ‘brewers in training’ at home?
– I think that’s more of challenge than brewing beer! It’s certainly tests your management skills, right?
– What’s your ‘go to’ beer or beer style?
– Do you have a guilty pleasure beer?
– What’s your take on the change from small breweries to big business? With all of the acquisitions, investments and the recent sale of Four Peaks and Breckenridge?
– Rumors swirl about Texas being the next target for big brewer acquisition. Does that have any effect on the beer scene in Dallas?
– How do you see technology and social media’s influence on the Craft Beer Movement?
– Speaking of social media, where can people find you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?

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