Revolutionizing the Hospitality Industry with Evergreen’s POS Integrations

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In the ever-evolving restaurant and bar industry, staying ahead of the competition requires innovative solutions that streamline operations, increase efficiency, and improve the customer experience. That’s why Evergreen has developed multiple products to help you grow and scale with efficiency. However, none are more game changing than our point of sale (POS) integrations with two of the leading systems on the market, Square and Clover, help you do to just that.

What are Evergreen’s Integrations with Square and Clover?

Evergreen offers a push integration with premier POS systems allowing customers to seamlessly integrate their register with our marketing and management solution! Imagine updating your beverages with their prices, pour sizes, categories, and tap numbers and with the click of a button– seamlessly coping this information to your POS! This integration makes it easier to charge customers while at the same time updating menu items on numerous platforms including print menus, digital displays, contactless options, social media outlets, and website menus at the same time. Ultimately this leads to more accurate listings in your POS while also removing extra steps in the updating process.

Why Choose Evergreen’s Integrations with Square and Clover?

Evergreen’s POS integrations are designed with an efficient POS updating process in mind… and because our platform is constantly updated with new features and integrations, you can always stay ahead of the technology curve. This is what makes Evergreen different from the rest.

One of the most standout features of Evergreen’s POS integration is the user-friendly interface. Our platform is designed with you, the restaurant and bar owner, in mind. By providing an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that simplifies the integration process, you don’t need to be an expert in technology or programming to take advantage of our integrations. Our dashboard’s interface makes it easy to set up, manage, and reap the benefits, even if you have limited technical knowledge. Bottom line, Evergreen’s POS integrations are accessible to restaurants and bars of all sizes and various levels of technical expertise. Ultimately, this is what sets Evergreen apart from others on the market.

How Evergreen’s Integrations Can Help to Grow Your Business

  1. Streamlined Operations:  Our integrations allow you to quickly and easily update menu items and prices in real-time. Why enter the same information twice on your menu and then on your POS? Cut out the middleman and update Square and Clover with a single keystroke!
  2. Improved Accuracy: Pulling information directly from our database means you will always have the correct spelling of your menu items in your POS. Trim the operational fat and reduce manual errors to create a more efficient and accurate ordering process for your customers!
  3. Access to Valuable Insights: More accurate data leads to more accurate reports. Being able to rely on the information that comes out of your POS will help you make future ordering decisions based on customer preference as you fine tune and grow not just your menu, but your business too.
  4. Increased Ordering Efficiency: Evergreen’s integrations allow your staff to take customer orders quicker which can work to reduce wait times and increase efficiency. Your customers will be more satisfied and thank you for a better dining experience.

In Conclusion

Evergreen’s integrations with Square and Clover are a must-have for restaurants or bars looking to stay ahead of the curve. With increased efficiency, improved accuracy, access to valuable insights, and an enhanced customer experience, Evergreen’s POS integrations with Square and Clover are the perfect solution for your bar or restaurant.

Visit to learn more and start using Evergreen’s POS integrations today!

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