Revamping Your Digital Menu Design? These 10 Tips Should Help.

revamping your digital menu design these 10 tips should help 1

Have you been considering updating your digital menu design? Now is the perfect time to do so when we are faced with renewed lockdowns plus bar and restaurant restrictions.

The shutdowns are difficult and frustrating for us all, but they’re also an opportunity to work on those internal projects you’ve been putting off. Many restaurant owners have a long list of tasks sitting on the back burner. If you can to use this time to tackle them– consider revamping your digital menu too.

The Difference That a Good Digital Menu Board Design Can Make

Digital menu boards are beautiful, time-saving, cost-efficient menus that present many advantages to you and your customers. However, if your digital menu design lacks oomph, it can hurt your business rather than help it.

With minimal revamps, your digital menu board design can go from looking like this:

skips fish fry digital menu pre revamp 2

To something more like this:

skips fish fry digital menu post revamp 1

Clearly, your digital menu design choices can make a significant difference in the outcome. What are the best practices and tips for revamping your digital menu?

10 Best Practices for Nailing Your Digital Menu Design

If you’re ready to revamp your digital menu board design, here are ten things to keep in mind.

  1. Change background photos: A striking background photo can take a boring menu and make it extraordinary. Just be sure to choose an image that’s complementary to your menu.
  2. Add item photos: Another great way to revamp a digital menu design is with product photos. Adding a picture of your mouthwatering burger or thirst-quenching beverages can help bring attention to select menu items and increase sales.
  3. Add social media posts and reviews: If you’re on social media, consider highlighting your Instagram feed or positive social reviews to your digital menu design. This helps build your social presence while adding visual interest.
  4. Switch up fonts: Take a hard look at your digital menu’s font choices. If they’re difficult to read, it might be time to switch things up. Choose easy-to-read fonts that match your branding, and opt for larger fonts when possible.
  5. Simplify: A cluttered menu can make ordering difficult. Revamping your digital menu often comes down to simplifying things. Make sure to leave plenty of “white” space and use categories and columns to keep things simple to digest.
  6. Change the color scheme: If your color scheme is boring, off-brand, or hard on the eyes, this is a way to give your digital menu design a quick facelift. Be sure to choose complementary colors that match your brand’s existing logo or color scheme.
  7. Rethink pricing configuration: There is more than one way to display your pricing. Think about testing different formats to see what looks best and resonates with your customers. A quick space-saving tip is to round everything to the nearest dollar and drop the “.00.”
  8. Include reviews: Also consider adding customer reviews to your digital menu design. It’s a terrific way to show new guests that you’re a well-loved spot and help guide them to favorite menu items.
  9. Ditch moving and audio elements: Moving digital menu boards that talk or play music and have loads of effects might sound cool, but they can be annoying for many patrons. If a person is trying to read a menu and it suddenly shifts on them, it can be aggravating. Consider opting for static digital menus without too many busy details.
  10. Add promotions to your digital menu design: Think about revamping your digital menu to include a space for regular promotions which you can regularly switch out as your offers change.

Make Lemonade Out of Lemons and Use This Time to Revamp

We understand how hard these times are for restaurant and bar owners. That’s why we’ve started a COVID relief program for our customers. It’s a daunting time, but we’ve seen a remarkable amount of resilience in the community.

We hope you’re able to use this time to complete pending projects and get set up for a successful new year of business post-lockdown. If redoing your digital menu design is on your list, we can help. Contact us today for a free demo of our digital menu board software.