Victor Ambrosio from Valencia on Tap – Interviews with Bar Owners & Managers

This post is a continuation of our series, “Interview with a Bar Owner.” These posts feature interviews with bar owners like you, because no one knows the business better than you. So read on, learn, connect, and reflect!

Vital statistics:
Victor Ambrosio owns Valencia on Tap, located in Valencia, Spain. He’s been in business for 5 months.

TH: What do you like most about owning/managing a bar business? What do you like least?
VA: I like chatting with my customers about beer! My least favorite part of owning the business is paying the bills. 🙂

TH: Paying bills is the opposite of fun. We don’t like that part of things, either. What do you wish you’d known before you started your business?
VA: I’d like to know how many customers were going to walk by my door. But that is impossible.
TH: If only it were possible!
VA: [Knowing] the tastes of my customers would have helped. My country is still starting to appreciate craft beer, and there is not so much demand for special or rare beers as I like. I’m selling more lagers than I wish, [but] I have to think more about my customers’ tastes than about mine.

TH: What do you look for when hiring staff?
VA: I look for great knowledge about beer. Staff members also have to speak perfect Spanish and English, and be friendly with customers.

TH: How do you keep staff up to date on what you’re selling?
VA: …by informing them of all new beers that are added to the menu, and letting them taste the new beers on tap so they can recommend beers to customers.

TH: How do you tell new and current customers about your offerings? Does an informed customer have any impact on your business/sales?
VA: Social media. Informed customers [have a] high impact on sales. If they know you have a new beer that they like, they will rush to the bar to taste it!

TH:How do you use TapHunter, and what do you like most about it?
VA: I use TapHunter mainly to have an updated list of beers on the tap and bottle list. I like how it combines with other social media sites.

TH: Besides TapHunter, do you use other tools/services to run your business?
VA: No.
TH: We’re feeling pretty special right now . . . Thanks, Victor. So tell, us, what is your most popular-selling drink?

TH: So when we visit Valencia on Tap, we would be in good company ordering something bright and hoppy. Cheers to that! How has the craft beer trend affected your business?
VA: My bar only sells craft beer. The trend is just starting in Spain, and I’m a reference in my city [for finding] great craft beer. As this trend grows, my business will grow, too.

TH: Valencia on Tap sounds amazing, Victor. Thank you for talking with TapHunter. We hope we can visit your bar in person someday soon!

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